intruder in house

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intruder in house

Postby azsxdc321 » 15 Jul 2013 13:01

It was around afternoon and I was outside with the family. My brother and my father got into my father's car and drove somewhere, they didn't tell me. My mother also went somewhere but I didn't see her leave. I look up and see two people I'm the house next to us. One looked like a old woman. For a moment I stood there and they watched me, captivated. This spooked me out a little bit and I headed into the house. I decided to go to the main computer and listen to Pandora whilst doing something else. While walking throughout the house I noticed noises. Noises that suggested I was not alone. Footsteps and breathing. Multiple times I passed by a girl in my bed. She was tall, pale, and unnatural brown hair and had dark circles under her eyes, a sick girl? I had a vague recollection of her sleeping there for days. I didn't go up to her or question it. But I was frightened after I walked past her a third time and she tossed in her sleep. I walked back to the big room and heard someone taking a shower. That was it. I decided to call my mother to find out who the heck these people were. I tried to call her but was distracted because the music I was listening to was cursing. I ended up dialing the wrong number. I shut the phone, turned around and saw another young girl throw herself out of the bathroom and slink on the floor. Before I knew it, I screamed an extremely loud, kind you hear in horror movies, scream. I recognized that it was a nightmare and when I closed in opened my eyes I was in was awake. I never consciously thought I was scared of bulgars.

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