Dream Symbol?

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Dream Symbol?

Postby DreamyRoamer » 21 Sep 2013 21:38

OK, so I keep having this dream of this guy I used to like. I had a massive crush on him but we kinda fell out when texting and you get the rest... After the holidays we became friends again and that's all we are. Just friends, really. We have daily chats, you know, see what we are both up to, etc like any normal friends. I have no big feelings for him like I used to.

However I only noticed this morning that he has been appearing a little too much in my dreams. I have had at least 6 dreams with him in it. He is no threat, but no crush either. He is just there. I just talk to him or he helps me in some way. Almost like a companion. I don't know why, I have much better friends than him. He's not one of my Best Friends. So why is he in my dreams, not one of my close friends? In one of my dreams I was running from this gang or something and he ran with me. In one I had last night I had a really nice chat with him about this world we were in. I can't remember the rest but I'm absolutely certain there is a few others. He is never there when I'm Lucid. Only when I'm unaware I'm dreaming. I just really don't understand lol. Does he mean anything?
It was on the day before the day after yesterday.

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