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an encounter with my heritage

Posted: 07 Nov 2013 06:55
Ok so I haven't posted or written in my dream journal in a month or two but I had a dream that really stuck out two days ago... I just had to post it. Anyway I'll start.I remember being in a forest walking down a really steep path that led to a river. There was Ann old lady there. She was a native american lady(she had a feather ,deer skin cloths,reddish tan skin) I talked to her, but she said something in some language I didn't understand. I told her I spoke English. I don't remember her response. I climbed up to this big rock and there was a little hole in it I climbed in. Only my head stuck out. I got bored after two seconds and tried pulling myself out. I moved the rock(I think it would be better to say boulder) a little and I let go and we fell down I to the river. I was scared but luckily the river was shallow.I got up but my Halloween candy started floating down. I grave it and put it on shore. I don't remember much after words except I'm with this man (also native with feather reddish tan skin, shirtless, deer skin pants, many in the 25-30 year old range)I felt comfortable in his presence. He was tall too. He spoke something to me in some language the same as the woman(although they didn't say some words I believe it's the same) I told him yatahey yanahey (which I don't know which native language it is memes hello and hello back). He responded with the same sentence. I told him "sorry I'd don't sleek Indian". He looked away towards a deer which(I do t know which one of us) shot with a bow. Then in my next dream(after getting woken up by the alarm and adding 30 minutes) I was somewhere in my school. There was a party after class. I walked into a classroom (which at some point turned into my house) and after a while I walked outside backyard but before I made it a man in a suit (sorda like a business man ) walked though. He gave a evil smile and walked on. I sat next to my teacher and two other people and I said aloud. "Were is Amanda" (my sister) she walked out. Then it was as if I was not there (perhaps spectating) and I saw the shadow of the man though the door window and he locked it. I was a thinking this was bad. No one could get out and he must be up to no good.I then woke up..... I posted this dream because of the beginning part. About how it involved native Americans (I'm half native and have been thinking a lot about the subject). What do you guys th ok about it....

Re: an encounter with my heritage

Posted: 07 Nov 2013 07:05
Also stuff I didn't put ive been looking up stuff about native Americans and my mind could have used part of it like it is taboo to stand on large boulders. And also after I fell off tue boulder there was more people around the whole tribe was there

Re: an encounter with my heritage

Posted: 07 Nov 2013 19:44
We definitely dream about what's on our minds. And Halloween was only a week ago, so no surprise candy made an appearance. Did you run out of candy yet or running low? Maybe that's why it sank in the river and left you. And you've been learning about Native Americans and that it's taboo to stand on large boulders, so I bet you just naturally dreamed about it. We often dream about things that occupy our minds, but in a way that is more visual and with feelings.

I wonder why you felt the need to go in the small hole with only your head sticking out?

( I could read it, but I wonder if you used a spell checker and it muddled and confused some of the words, like "Ann" or "after word" and "sleek" and "grave". It's not a problem, but I wonder if it was a spell checker that did it. Those things make mistakes).

Re: an encounter with my heritage

Posted: 09 Nov 2013 19:28
Ok so Ann probably ment and. Grave should of been grabbed. Sleek should have been speek

Re: an encounter with my heritage

Posted: 23 Dec 2013 22:27
by unreadsign
Cool dream, thanks for sharing. It's interesting that you know that the boulder is something you're not supposed to stand on, but you pushed it into the water anyways. Maybe this means there was a purpose to your actions, and that in some cases, boulders need to get pushed into the water, since they are blocking something, such as, in this case, the candy from getting washed away.

Of course, this may only be true for me, but when I eat things that aren't healthy for me, like candy with artificial colors, etc, my dreams are very similar to yours and they show me how they need to get flushed out. I've had many dreams about both candy and boulders, large rocks, etc on the edge of a shore, and almost always I am throwing them back into the water (in non-lucid dreams).

Do you remember their reaction to your taking the candy back to the shore? And did the dream characters resemble anyone you know in real life?