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I need help and input understanding my lucid dream

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 07:28
by BriBree95
first off, this needs to be said to make my point. ;)
when i was younger i would have this nightmare where i would go outside and it would be night time, my grandma would be by the door in the kitchen. then i see something evil :twisted: and try go back in but the door would be locked, and she would never open it. later i just started to not close the door, and every time i got back in the house it would stop being a bad dream and this would happen repeatedly.
now i am a lucid dreamer and i have already met my dream guide she is easy to find now, :P i keep a dream journal and all that good stuff. but in my lucid dreams i don't try to control the dream completely as much as i try to make things happen like magic tricks, my control is limited, i cant even leave the house :cry: a month ago i tried by running down the street and before i got far the dream just knocked me so hard on my side, i mean just a big huge over powering something :shock: i ended up back at the house my grandma is sitting there and i say i couldn't do it. then some scary stuff happened and i woke up. my point is (i am slowly getting there) my grandma is always in my dream not as a main character just a by stander. so about last week i told my self i would finally interact with her. in this dream i asked her what does she represent, she gets so mad and i feel really small and scared so i leave the kitchen, but then i go back and ask again she gets in my face and says "you don't want to know" :o i haven't had a lucid dream since then, but next time i do i don't even know what to say to her, i know she will be there. what does "you don't wanna know mean? and how should i approach her? oh and also how to leave the house would be a good answer too please and thanks :!: :?:

Re: I need help and input understanding my lucid dream

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 04:49
I don't know what your grandmother represents, but I believe you should interact more with her. Ask her why she is there and if there is anything she wants. Ask if you can help her in some way, and when you do, she will probably stop appearing all the time. It's some sort of mental conflict to resolve.

I usually leave my house through a window or front door. I don't know why your dream 'knocked you down and brought you back home'. What blocks us from doing things in lucid dreams are based on fear in my opinion. Do you feel worried if you stray too far from your home in the dream? Even the slightest apprehension can have a huge impact on what's possible in lucid dreams.

I was stuck in a house once in a lucid dream. I opened a door and there was solid brick on the other side. I since learned that I can cut a whole in the wall if I pretend my finger is a cutting torch. We all have different talents and skills. Although I am rarely stuck indoors, and can just cut my way out now, I have never met a reoccurring 'dream guide' like you have.

(and I love performing magic tricks in lucid dreams too!)

Re: I need help and input understanding my lucid dream

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 12:49
by taniaaust1
How was your relationship in real life with your grandmother? Were you ever afraid of her?

Maybe she badly lost her temper with you when you were small and your subconciousness still remembers???

"you dont want to know!" .. could mean that a part of your truely doesnt want to know and remember.