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Unattended Mules

Posted: 17 Dec 2013 15:27
by radicaldreamer
I just woke from a dream, in which my friend's sister and their niece were driving to the store to get some beer, and they brought me along for some reason. They had already had some drinks so they were noticeably impaired in driving. I offered to drive but they did not seem to pay attention to that suggestion.

I noticed on the way to the store, good route that I said I usually take to get to the store, which involved driving around a block that had a farm at the end of it. They agreed we should go that way, and so the did. When we got near the farm there was a thin wire fence around about a 40ftx40ft square of dirt, with three mules walking around in it, fertilizing the dirt. One of the mules was grinning, it was a black mule.

I remember thinking about how there should be a farmer tending to these mules so close to traffic, but there was only an empty sleeping area where a farmer should have been.

I did not dream of the store, but I did dream of getting back to their home afterward. It was dark and it looked like there would be a thunderstorm soon.

Now as soon as I woke up, I thought to myself that this dream may have been about their stubbornness, (stubborn as mules), and their recklessness. The mules fertilizing a dirt field could be the fruitless attempt to get them to be more safe when drunk. And then the thunderstorm could be a thought like "OK well we made it home this time, but something bad will eventually happen.".

I could be wrong or missing something .

Re: Unattended Mules

Posted: 21 Dec 2013 05:01
by radicaldreamer
An update on this dream.

So about a day after I had this dream, my friend's niece that was part of the dream, posts on facebook about how she is having a great time hanging out and drinking with her aunt and their friend John that rarely comes to visit.
I did not think much about this until last night, when I realized that John had been sober for over a year now, and to be drinking would be a terrible thing. :cry:

In the dream there were three mules, and one was grinning almost snickering. John is very funny and we consider him to be a comedian even though professionally he never pursued that.

So now the dream feels like it was a prediction.