mind blown dreams?

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mind blown dreams?

Postby indigo » 19 Jul 2014 00:05

Hello , i've been having strange dreams for a while now and recently i found this forum so maybe someone of you would help to explain my dreams here are some recents one:

1)In this dreams , i can teleport to the places i see , and i was wearing a coat , there was a girl with red skin who could do the same thing , we teleported on the cathedral and we talked , than we "teleported" back to the square were was my family (not my real family) which were sitting on the bench and were looking at fountains. Than we visited a strange bar which was made almost full of wood and had enormus windows . The bartender had typical bartender's suit and was bald with wierd beard . They were selling few kinds of cookies , i bought a cookie which when you eat , something will happen to the random person , each of them cost 40 cents , i bought 2 cookies twice , and everytime i bought it the bartender were singing song
"who will you curse today"(its just one sentence from song which i remember)

2)In this dream im in my house with my friend and black-haired girl , our hause was wierd because house had both bedrooms of my parents(they had it at the first floor , than moved to the ground floor but in this dreams the bedroom was on the first floor , and also at the ground floor). My friends was talking to that girl which made me feel wierd bcs it was supposed to be my "girl" , after that my friend left , and that girl "cocooned" herself in the sheets and came "cuddle" with me , afterwards she left to the another room which were completly dark and i went to take a shower but i couldnt take off my shirts , when my sister came to the bathroom and said that the girl is waiting for me .

The funny thing is that i had this dream at wednesday night and i was supposed to have a date with black
haired girl today.

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