Dream about my crush

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Dream about my crush

Postby darkhydrangea » 03 Nov 2014 17:49

So I've been having dreams about my crush for three days in a row. In the first one, I was dying to text him, but I was somewhy affraid. I did texted him, at first he was cold towards me when he replied but later he started crashing jokes and I was happy, I thought "Oh, like usually". Then the other night, we were in a relationship, he was kissing and hugging me, telling me how much he loves me. We were so happy. The last dream I had today was about us moving together, we made plans for our future etc. In real life, he is my friend, but he doesn't know about my feelings for him. Actually, why I am writing about my dream here is because I have never had three dreams or more in a row about the same person, so I'm kind of interested if it means anything. I've read somewhere that if you are having frequent dreams about someone you like and you feel happy in the dream, you should confess your feelings. So please guys, please help me interpret these dreams. THANK YOU.

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