Childhood pictures in a dream

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Childhood pictures in a dream

Postby darkhydrangea » 03 Nov 2014 18:04

Sorry for posting that much! I had this dream like few weeks ago. I dreamed that my cousin somehow took all my pictures and videos from my childhood, put them into a slideshow and uploaded it on instagram tagging me. Some of the pictures and videos from the dream actually exists and some of them, I have never seen (but maybe they does exist). In the pictures I saw little me, it was all the pictures from the past. A picture of me and my cousin playing with our dead grandma, my dead grandma holding me, other dead grandma and me standing next to a christmas tree or something like that, me and my cousins etc. I woke up crying from that dream. Somehow it made me very emotional (maybe it's because I'm actually very emotional when it comes to the time that has passed). Could you guys help me interpret this dream?

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