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Patronous Training

Postby star64rogue » 07 Aug 2016 19:24

Hi. Before everything, I shall apologise if my words can only be understood by Harry Potter fans.

I was in the room of requirements at Hogwarts, with the whole Dumbledore's army, we've been practicing the Patronous charm, and I was a leader too, beside Hermione and Harry.
I was wearing my uniform, just that my robe was made of shining cyan tinsels.
Everyone succeeded to conjure their Patronous, except me. Harry said: "Star, you need to think of a happy memory." I responded: "But I have none!"
I tried, thought of the moment I was sorted into Gryffindor (!). Everyone was watching, I could read Luna's face, so curious to know my Patronous animal. "Expecto Patronoum", I shouted. Soon, a phoenix was conjured out of my wand (a phoenix Patronous of course). Everyone was so amazed beacuse a phoenix is a very rare Patronous, It's the same as Dumbledore's, but I was confused because it could fit in the palm of my hand, whereas an adult phoenix is twice as big as my chest.

I just know that a phoenix Patronous is a mark for leadership and wisdom, but I have no exact idea about the rest. Any clues?
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Re: Patronous Training

Postby Knife » 17 Oct 2016 16:37

The part he said to think about a happy memory...maybe you focus too much on negativity?
Maybe the leadership and wisdom is "in you" but you need to get it out more and give it the chance to grow. It can also be a reminder that every beginning is hard.

Heck I ain't no psychologist :mrgreen:
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