The neighborhood and the farm

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The neighborhood and the farm

Postby SilverSterling » 26 Feb 2017 01:13

Let me start from the beginning of these dreams. Although the true beginning is even farther back into my past, I'm just going to tell you what you need to know to understand. See, I've been lucid dreaming for well over a decade. It's something that came easy to me and it's become almost second nature. About a year or so ago I let my dreams go. From the moment I closed my eyes I would always try to direct my dreams in some way. "Tonight I want to dream about a road trip." and I would. They started to go haywire and the charachters began to warp. Reoccurring dreams I hadn't had in many years began to return in unusual ways. So, a year or so ago, I let my dreams go. I wanted them to take me somewhere, I wanted to see what my mind held.

There were long unusual times of quiet, where i didn't dream at all. Then there were the nights where I had a normal dream. Patterns from my past showed up but I kept my lucid dreaming to a minimum. What is it I'm supposed to know? That's when I started waking up. Not in my bed but in my dreams. It was completely different, in the way it felt, the way I perceived, then the times I lucid dreamed before. It started this past spring. I would wake up on this apartment complex/house structure. It was rickety and it was like several old homes pieced together. I know the peeling wallpaper and the aged, creaking stairs, just as well as any place I've really lived.

I usually start at the top of the stairs from the top floor. I can see the next floor below me and I begin walking. There's four rooms on this floor and a small porch that leads to stairs to take you outside. By the exit is a partially open room, it's always cracked open and dimly lit. The house is always bright as the sunny day leaks in. It's almost always sunny. I grow anxious and afraid when I get close to this room. So afraid I want to run back upstairs but I don't. I always force myself to go outside. A few times I've disrupted whatever beast resides in that room as I've seen its looming shadow grow on the wall as it gets up to see(?) me. The stairs are long and worn. Some of the steps are broken and the wood seems to be rotting. You can touch the one houses siding when you're going down the stairs. After a small incline there's the sidewalk. It's an idealic neighborhood with giant old trees lining the perfect green yards. The sidewalks are straight and also perfect. The houses are like that of an average neighborhood but the house I just left is the biggest. The only thing missing are people and cars.

A month before my grandma died I was there. Something was different. When I woke up, 8 was excited about something. I began to look around to find my boyfriend and his best friend following behind me to that floor with the exit. When we got off the stairs a group of strangers came from a hall I didn't recognize and tried to beat us up. The noise woke the beast in the room. It charged at the door but I convinced my guests to get up and run. The bullies we encountered didn't fill me with fear like the unknown creature. We stepped outside, I paused as they quickly took the first few steps in the long descent. There on the friends back was an owl. Perched perfectly as though it were on a branch instead of someone's back. My boyfriend said something that I no longer recall and the owl flew away. We decided to take a walk around the block but instead of around we wound up on the other side of the street. Something I'd never really done. There was a chain link fence marking a park I'd never seen. It was empty except one tree on the fence line. It's branches went over the sidewalk. We must've slowed down because I was in awe of this park I'd never seen before. One side was a brick wall instead of a fence, belonging to an old building. The friend started walking more and my boyfriend spun around, walking backwards, told me to keep up. I looked back at them and on the friends back there were two owls perched. They looked like the first one, gray and white with yellow eyes. I think one had some brown in his feathers. I asked my boyfriend if he saw the owls and he laughed and told me he had no idea what I was talking about. We got closer to the brick building and we find the entrance to the park. It's a small cheap gate with a sign on it held by wire. It was a bright white sign with clear, thick, black lettering. As hard as I tried I could only get some of the words back because when I woke up it's like the sign was deleted from my memory. The sign was a warning. But what I was warned about was rather confusing; until my grandma died. The brick building was a bank. An old bank with a giant glass window in the front. It was empty like all the other buildings, there were no words or signs to say it was a bank so I'm not sure how I knew for certain.

The other place I wake up is this giant store type place. I'm above it. It looks like a school or a mall with a large parking lot in the front. There's nothing else but what I can only describe as space. I zoom in until I'm standing in the entry way of the building. I walk in slowly and I'm in the middle of it. One way is dark, the other way is dark and where I'm standing is lit up but poorly. Some of the lights above me flicker. There are coolers like a gas station, shelves like a grocery store, an empty counter i assume where a chastise and register would exist, and a small set of stairs on the edge of the darkness to the right. There aren't always things on the shelves. It's like it's completely empty and sometimes it's like it's poorly stocked. I've tried to go to the other ends of the building as it's quite large or even explore the stairs. However, everytime I do the store gets bigger and although the lights fade as though I'm going deeper in, I never go far from the front doors. I don't like lucid dreaming here because there is nothing for me to do. I try but it's like I'm trapped in a bizarre prison. The building has had a strong familiarity to me. I'm 100% certain it's been in dreams, lucid and not, many times before. Except I never go in to it and it's surrounded by gray skies and a destroyed city. Like the other place, it too is devoid of people and cars.

A week or so ago I wasn't feeling the best and went to take a nap. Every time I began to doze off I was woken up to the sound of a trunk door slamming. Like that on a vechicle. Sometimes I wasn't sure if it was the trunk or the car door itself. My heart would beat so hard my chest would ache. It would take me several minutes to catch my breath and assure myself I wasn't in a dangerous situation. My brain would be in a panic mode but I still fought for sleep. When I finally slept I had a dream I hadn't had since I was a preteen. I'm standing in a post office and I can see the street out front. An army tank rolls up and everyone just stares. When I turn around (idk if it's to run or hide) I'm no longer in the post office. I'm in an industrial place and I'm helping someone board up entrances and windows. I hop from one perspective the next. I decided to explore like I hadn't before. I knew I had been there before and I wanted to know more. I found large tanks (something you might see in a water treatment plant) and lots of wires. Wires for a big computer almost. One of the people said "I hope I don't die like last time." There was also a point when I was exploring that phones kept ringing. Everything was metal and there was yellow cautionary paint.

This past week I've been having the same dream every night. It looks like I'm on the farm I lived on for awhile. But somethings not right. I finally figured out that it's the water, there's so much water, it surrounds us. I'm in this small house. It's layout changes every night but it's still the same house. I know because of the one window, a huge bay window, never moves. The situations vary but it's like they are distractions and there's something I'm supposed to see. I find myself staring at the bay window. It's never sunny. It's cloudy and sometimes stormy. The water is a dark, dirty color. It's not the ocean. I have been here before too but never so often and never for so long. Almost every time before I'd leave and something bad would happen. I'd fall and get stuck in a deep ditch/hole, I'd get swept up by rushing water, wolvish beasts would hunt me, the day would become night and I'd be lost in dark woods/fields. Now that I'm here again, I can't leave. The water makes sure of it.

Theres a pattern to my dreams and with everything lately, more so since my grandma past, I need to know what the dreams are trying to say. Are they different messages? Warnings? I'm sorry it was lengthy, I added more than I origanally planned. If you have any theories or suggestions please help me. Please.

Thank you.

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Re: The neighborhood and the farm

Postby Petal » 28 Feb 2017 00:48

Hi, I've lucid dreamed for years and yet I'm almost the opposite of you. By that I mean, I've been aware that I dreaming whilst in the dream. However because of frightening astral/out of body type experiences, I've never quit relaxed to enjoyed lucid dreams as others seem to. I was scared almost to exert my will on the environment, in case I found myself, oh I don't know, I dreaming up something I couldn't cope with. I'm beginning to think the "lucid" level of awareness and the "astral" level of awareness is somewhat different. For one thing to astral project properly I have to meditate and "work up" an astral body to project into, unless I do it by accident. (That still happens occasionally). The astral is quieter and much more realistic. It's also way more spooky. I feel like the things I do there, even my presence they effects people and waking life on a whole deeper level. Could be just fantasy, of course, but that what it feels like. The astral air feels like it has presence, a bit like in old buildings of worship. It feel like I'm putting on Frodo's ring...not nice.
For lucid dreams I just use reality checks to recognise I'm dreaming. No long complex meditation or energy work required. I bounce out of the ordinary dream and into one that's more interesting and vivid. The lucid realm seems more natural and yet it is so much more flexible and changing. Although, it feels more natural and relaxed, weird stuff just happens and that doesn't seem to matter one bit. I've always wandered and flown about, directing sometimes where I go but I have never thought to create things or characters. I've always simply observed or reacted to whatever I encounter. Call me slow, I'm just coming to realise I can change and make thing up as I go along. For me, for a very long time lucid dreams were all about observation and collecting data, so I could go check it all up later in my big dream symbols book. I now use a smartphone app.
My lucid dream symbol collecting is like a "Freudian" game anyone could play on the beach. Like personal divination of collecting interesting peddles and shells. Whatever the dream symbol is, it tells me about myself, my possible future if I don't change my thinking, and what big influences are effecting my life and waking decision making.
My lucid dreams are often like yours. There are often empty building with interesting but scruffy rooms. I'm aways going back to my home village and having arguments with farmers there. They haven't looked after my old cottage home properly. It often looks like a huge chicken shed or a cheap commercial enterprise, an ancient roman ruin or its simply falling down seconds before I arrive to prop it up. I have played over giant destroyed city's. I travel a lot on trains. I get fed up of tsunamis and floods. If things get too gloomy though, I just decided to go someplace else to look.
I also see big bright Europe city's. I know particularly streets and like to look in bright shop windows. Often the city's are futuristic. They have changed. London is quite often flooded. I have seen St Paul's cathedral dome sticking out of the River Themes. The people have preserved the interior by encasing it in marine concrete.Tube stations are connected to it. Other times it's completely envelope by a great glass and stone entertainment tower. Hide Park is still there, so too is the Victoria and Albert, probably because I like both those places in real life. People use hover disks to get from one high rise skyscraper to another. The streets have great big transport conveyor belts and cable cars that look like rickety old wooden rollercoasters. I use them but I don't know why because I can fly. I often use the tube train only to fine my stop flooded. I travel to the next one and it a completely new suburb I've never seen before. The British Channel has dry up in parts. I can get a train all the way to France. In Barcelona all the Gaudí building are crumbling and behind bulldozered in to rubble piles. They simply can't be made to stay up anymore, so they are building bigger and more fanciful ones. There is a square there were someone has build a 3D coded sculptures of Picasso’s famous Guernica, it awesome not just because it's an amazing sculptures achievement but also because there are no wars anymore and the people there don't really understand what the picture or sculpture is about. I don't always understand how all this relates to me except that I feed myself a diet of art and science fiction books, it make the dreamscape more interesting but more importantly improves my mood. The meaningful dream symbol are still there and somehow make themselves apparent.
If people are in my lucid dreams they move in waves, stream of flocks. Unknown individuals only talk to or approach me to give me messages for me to mull over and decipher later. They are not thinking beings in their own right. If a rare character approaches me to have a two way comprehensive and comprehensible conversations that seems to have an alternative intelligence to my own, it completely freaks me out. I don't expect it. Then I wonder if they are some sort of "spirit" or other lucid consciousness. My family and friends quite often feature but that is just about me figuring out my waking relationship to them.
Have you checked out some of your dream symbols? According to "Morpheus Dream" my app "Floods mean powerful emotions, water symbolises unconsciousness, emotions and energy flow and buildings equal attitudes, beliefs and environments we build out from our minds.Owls indicate intuition and wisdom."
It's better for yourself to interpret your dreams. I've read that although we can look up general interpretations, nuisances always have personal meanings. A stranger won't be able to tell you all what you are feeling and I won't make assumptions. I'd recommend you do start interpreting your dreams if you don't already and that you think about starting slowly to refurnished some of "granny's rooms" in a way that sympathetic to her but also inspires you.
Well you wrote a lot. I've wrote a lot. Let's hope someone else does.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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