My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter - 59

Achievement of power to cross Samadhi

271) 10th November, 1977, Friday. Place: Makardah (Howrah).
Early morning dream: I had a vision of many Jibankrishna devotees.
After a while I felt that my Mahabayu (Great Life Force) was pushing upwards inside my body with a great force and I realized that I was going to fall in Samadhi (Profound meditation merging in God). But with a greater force I was checking the Mahabayu preventing the Samadhi and then I sat quietly as if I became another man. After a while I noticed that my body was shivering mildly for this tremendous labor. Then I woke up.
Even up to 3 days this exhaustive feeling retained and then I became normal. It indicates that I have gained power to cross the region of Samadhi which was considered to be of the highest rank in the spiritual history of Hindu religion which shows that I am entitled to march forward to the world of new and more powerful spiritual realizations in austerity.
Even once Sri Ramkrishna deva said to Swami Vivekananda, ‘You cross Samadhi’, but he couldn’t do ultimately.
After this I became very restless and it used to happen whenever any new phase of austerity was to come.

Indication of new realizations and indication of spiritualism in youngsters in future

13th November, 1977, Saturday.
272) Early morning dream : I was seated on the 1st floor of Indranath Mukherjee’s residence at Makardah and with him was Dhiren Mondal. After a while I noticed that many young boys were coming upwards and went outside through the Cornish. I was surprisingly thinking that were they thieves! With curiosity I looked outside and noticed that on the ground floor a picnic was arranged and many devotees e.g., Dilip Ghosh, Sourendra Nath Bhattacharya and many others were present. I then woke up.
The dream reveals two aspects: Firstly, there will be more and more realizations within the seer and Diamond will appear in younger generations in future.
[This proved true after some years. The seer is having numerous divine realizations and younger generations are now seeing Diamond within them.]

Indication of new phase

273) 15th November, 1977, Tuesday.
Early morning dream: I had a vision of Arun Ghosh, a devotee of Jibankrishna and here ended the dream.
[Arun means rising sun which means that the seer is approaching new phase of austerity. ]

Preparation of universal austerity—annihilation of nature and achievement of 75% ‘Shivatwa’ or divinity by the grace of Adyasakti or Primeval Power

274) 16th November, 1977, Wednesday .
Early morning dream: I had gone to Jibankrishna, but the place was not Kadamtala, Howrah, but somewhere else.
However, I saw that Jibankrishna was preparing himself for cleaning the floor with a broom because many devotees would come to him alike Kadamtala. But I did not allow him to broom, and I cleaned the floor well collecting all the dusts.Meanwhile the maidservant came and I told her to remove the rest of dusts. After a while I noticed that another devotee Dhiren Mondal had come there. Jibankrishna seemed to be very joyous and easy.
In another scene I saw that we were going to a river-side. Sitting at the bank, while talking, we noticed an iguana roaming and in another moment a rabbit killed that iguana. Jibankrishna and everybody watched this scene. Then I noticed that many kids were playing there. One of them took the dead iguana and while approaching to Jibankrishna, I prevented him to do so by signaling. Of course he was on a playing mood to do this. After sitting for a while I moved my head towards the back side and noticed that Jibankrishna along with Sudhindra Nath Sinha and Mrityunjoy Roy were going towards the house. Along with many other including Ashim Biswas I was approaching with Jibankrishna. Suddenly it flashed in my mind—Oh! It was long time back when Jibankrishna had left the place! So how Jibankrishna was with us!How was it possible ! Then and there I realized—Oh! I was seeing a young boy as Jibankrishna !
I thought that after going back to the house I would ask Jibankrishna about this matter and after returning I saw the room was fully packed with devotees. When I was in, Raghunath Sen called me to sit beside him.But I sat beside Dilip Ghosh. I told Mr. Ghosh, ‘I have seen you in my dream 2-3 days before’. Saying this I narrated only the last part of the dream seen on 13th November ’77, where I saw Mr. ghosh, Mr, Ghosh said, ‘These spiritual aspects would also be manifested in the youngsters in future’. Then and there I exclaimed, ‘Oh! Before seeing you in the dream, I saw many youngsters coming up towards us’! After this I woke up.
Again I fell asleep and dreamt that I e was playing touch and hide game (Where one becomes the touchable object whom after touching anybody can continue the game) with young boys, at though here it was a bit different from the traditional one where everybody was carrying sticks and whoever would be touched by the stick his game would be over.
So in the game I hid in a room and a young boy was pushing the door. I kept on pressing the door but that boy with a greater force opened the door and touched me ending his game.
At this moment I noticed an old lady who seemed to me to be Adyasakti in the dream. So long she had been watching the game. Now looking at me she told some body, ‘I have given him Rupees seventy five’. Hearing this somebody protested, but the old lady said, ‘That is my wish, as I like him; So I have given him that money’. Although I also felt uneasy due to her such favoritism. Here the dream went off and I woke up.
The first scene indicates that the room was cleaned for accommodation of many people—it means that space is going to be ready in the cerebrum for mass austerity. Rabbit symbolizes ‘Narayan’—universalism. Iguana symbolizes ‘Nature’ or Prakriti. It was killed by the rabbit—it means the Prakriti cannot be destroyed in individualism, but is destroyed in mass austerity. Showing the youngsters coming up indicates the future when they will have mass austerity only. Moreover, describing the previous dream to Dilip Ghosh and also confirmation by him indicates that the effect will be seen in future.
That second scene indicates that some untraditional austerity and realization will be experienced by the seer in future as the game was quite different from that as described by Sri Ramkrishna Deva but this type of untraditional game was said by Jibankrishna. Here stick means Kundalini, which means ‘Mukti’ or liberation of Atma from the body. In Thakur’s time one had touch the stick, meaning to achive liberation of Atma by effort or exertion. Here it is opposite. Where a boy symbolizing God touches by stick, meaning by the grace of God the liberation of Atma will take place without any effort . The real mukti occurs in mass austerity and not in individualism.
Then Adyasakti by her grace donated seventy five percent divinity as the rest twenty five percent is only to lead a simple life as Sri Ramkrishna Deva used to say to give 12 annas mind for God and four annas for livelihood out of 16 annas or one rupee.
In a previous dream seen on 21.3.77, the seer had achieved the divinity by 69% as written on a paper and here it has become increased to 75%.

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Re: My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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