My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the holy Ghost

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Chapter - 61

The indication of future coverage of Jibankrishna and new phase of austerity of the seer crossing the regions of knowledge and ignorance and indication of new realizations

279) 26th November, 1977, Saturday.
Early morning dream: I saw some pins pricked below my two feet while walking on road, yet I had no pain. With ease I was uprooting those pins. Some of the pins were new. While uprooting all those pins from the right feet, I started uprooting the pins from the left feet. Many of them were old and while uprooting those, pass used to ooze out and these were also taken out. But I felt no pain.
In the next scene I saw a colored fire work stick on the hand of a person which started sparkling of fire in plenty from one side. While observing this scene I woke up.

[The first scene corroborates the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna ‘Removal of spines of knowledge and ignorance’, i.e. the seer is crossing the regions of both knowledge and ignorance.
The next scene indicates that the seer is going to have more and more realizations of various types in the long run, as this was also experienced by Jibankrishna during his austerity and gave such explanation.]

End of individualistic austerity and beginning of universal austerity

280) 3rd December, 1977, Saturday.
Early morning dream: I saw a huge river in front of me and I was standing on the side of the river. The other side was invisible. I also noticed a young girl standing nearby. I was preparing myself to cross the river. Both sides of the river were peculiarly connected by a very wide earthen bridge. When I was about to cross the bridge, I noticed that a very familiar friend of mine ‘Biswabaran’ by name crossed the river before me and reached the other bank. While I was crossing, I felt it very difficult to cross. I also felt that the girl was still standing on the bank. The bridge was very rough, although I was crossing. While reaching at the end, I saw that the end was fenced with bamboo sticks in such a way that it would be very difficult to cross that fence. But with a little effort when I was about to reach the other side of the fence, I saw a house in front of me where many devotees of Jibankrishna were present among whom only Raghunath Sen was remembered. i also noticed that a bed was kept ready specially for me. While removing the fence I was about to reach the other side, the dream went off.

[The dream has a link with the two dreams seen on 25th and 26th November, 1977. Which indicated that the seer would have new realizations in the long run.
Here crossing the bridge means crossing one phase to another in the austerity. ‘Biswabaran’ means reception by the universe. Here he was guiding the seer to reach the house on the other side of the river where the bed was ready for the seer. The girl is ‘Adyasakti’ or Holy Mother. This means that by the grace of her the seer was able to cross the phase of individualism and reach the zone of universalism.]

Accompaniment of devotees and achievement
of spiritual wealth

281) 7th December, 1977, Sunday. Place : Makardah, Howhah.
Early morning dream: I was at the Makardah (Howrah) residence of Indranath Mukherjee, a devotee of Jibankrishna where a large number of devotees had assembled. Somebody was engaged in cooking, some in spiritual discussions. They were all staying there as used to be happened in reality. There I saw Sm. Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India who was staying in a very simplest manner. Sometimes she used to cut vegetables for cooking. At this moment the dream went off.

[Indira means Lakshmi Devi, Hindu goddess who represents spiritual wealth and peace. The seer will achieve these characteristics and at the same time will have increased brain power as to see so many devotees within means increasing brain power].

Gift of power by the Holy Ghost to continue
publishing ‘Manikya’ magazine

282) 9th December, 1977, Friday.
Early morning dream: Jibankrishna was seen on a roof top room of a house busy with correction of a manuscript. It seemed it was for ‘Manikya’ magazine. Then he began to correct a writing of mine. I said, ‘It was written in hurry, so there were some mistakes’.
Meanwhile two women were seen outside listening to me. At this moment Jibankrishna felt thirsty and I was about to bring water from outside. He said, ‘You sit beside me, you need not bring water’ and so Gopal Roy, a devotee went outside and brought water for him. It seemed to me within the dream that Jibankrishna did not allow me to go outside due to the presence of the ladies. At this moment the dream went off and I woke up.

[The dream indicates in two ways: (1) The seer is empowered by the Holy Ghost to continue publishing the magazine ‘Manikya’ and (2) The seer is being protected from all allurements by the Holy Ghost]

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