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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 06:08
by Dipak
Chapter 62

Accompaniment with devotees and the Holy Ghost—
feeling of unification of reality and dream

283) 17th December, 1977, Saturday.
Early morning dream: The scene opened with a new place and a new building with a common room for all the devotees of Jibankrishna . All would assemble there. At this moment Jibankrishna came there. It seemed as if he has returned with his Physical body after his demise and I also felt as if he had no physical death in reality . With a great joy I was thinking that now onwards I would narrate to Jibankrishna all the happenings at Taltala where all the devotees used to assemble and at the same time about my dreams also .
The whole environment seemed to be full of great joy. At this moment I noticed that Jibankrishna was about to keep one jug of water at the entrance of the door. I was seated on the floor and at this moment my feet were touched with the body of Jibankrishna, so I bowed and paid my ‘Pranam’ (Salute) by touching my hand on the feet of Jibankrishna who seemed to be so kith and kin to me. Then Jibankrishna kept the jug full of water near the door and the dream went off.

[The dream was long lasting and I felt no difference between the dream and the reality. Moreover my brain power is increasing by seeing so many devotees in the dream.]

End of the realizations of individualism and
starting of mass realization

284) 18th December, 1977, Sunday.
Early morning dream: I was going to the office of my very familiar architect (Shyamal). His office in reality was in the 1st floor, but in dream I saw that the whole building belonged to him and it was huge with several floors. At the top was his own chamber. I stepped up and while reaching his chamber found no trace of him, as he went outside somewhere. I saw three Chinese ladies. One of them was typist and familiar to me, another one was seen only once and the third one was unknown and unseen.
The typist lady said that the architect had gone somewhere. So I was about to go out but while getting down the passage seemed to be forgotten. I found a passage from the top floor to the ground on the back side and I started stepping down from one floor to another and ultimately reaching the ground floor saw the steps had continued to a market area. So I reached the market ultimately and then woke up.

[The dream indicates the different planes inside the body. To reach the floor means ascent and to get down from the back side means descent and then arriving to a market indicates that the seer will have the mass austerity or realizations as the market means a common of all.]

Experience of time-machine - revelation and vision of the present and future status of the world

285) 19th December, 1977.
Early morning dream: I had gone to Kadamtala, Howrah and stayed at someone’s house where a devotee Raghunath Sen was also staying. Both of us were non-attached to anything. After a while I was coming alone towards Kolkata and while crossing the Howrah Bridge saw a machine of rectangular shape with a glass fixed in front and kept on the bridge. With a great curiosity I fixed my eyes on that machine and suddenly all the scenes were completely changed. The machine seemed to be a time machine by which one can visualize either past or future through annihilation of time. I was visualizing a future when a war had started. The bridge was packed with soldiers. Civilians were very few, but it was calm and quite in the surrounding. Many frigates were seen moving in the river Ganges. I was roaming unconcerned in that future. Then when I moved my eyes from the machine, I got back the present time.
Thereafter I crossed that bridge and went to a house situated at Kolkata. It was huge and there I met my mother. She told me, ‘I have seen a spirit.’ I said, ‘you have seen a good thing – it is ‘Paravidya’ (Supreme knowledge).’ Saying this I began to get up on the top floor of the building and reaching a landing saw a cut head of a woman lying on one corner mixed up with dust and almost dried. The eyes were full of sorrow. Giving a surprise to me the head started talking to me narrating here distress condition. I told her, ‘you chant the name of God, the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) and it will be good to you.’ She then started chanting.
Then I came down and while moving on the road met Diamond (my God-the-Preceptor). But his figure was a bit different. I narrated the past incident to him. He asked, ‘what you have said’? I answered, ‘I said, you chant the name of God and then it will serve your purpose.’ Hearing this he said, ‘you have said very well’. At this moment the dream went off.
Again when I fell asleep, I saw another dream.’ I was supposed to go to Diamond’s residence at Kadamtala After hearing the news that he had again come to Kadamtala. It was 7-30 AM then. While starting for Kadamtala, I thought, ‘Oh, he is now at Betaitala (Howrah)’. Then it again revealed in my mind, ‘now I have to attend the school and it will be late, so I shall go in the afternoon’! But instantly my mind revolted and said to myself ‘hang everything! I shall go to him now and stay with him forever and won’t go anywhere. I shall go even by walking if necessary.’ With this strong attitude I started walking for Diamond. Here the dream went off.

[The first scene showed a time machine which is a dream of the scientists and trying to invent with great efforts. The seer had the experience of the time machine – it means the brain- cell is already exposed and in future it may be invented with much advancement of science. Moreover it requires very advanced brain capacity which the seer has achieved in embryo.
In the next scene the cut head with sorrowful eyes of a woman represents the present situation of the world which is full of wars, disturbances etc. and the head wanted to be relieved from these. While the seer asked her to chant ‘God’ and ‘Jibankrishna’, she began to do the same thing. It means that in future the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ will bring peace and unity among the human race.
The second dream indicates the future of the seer.
Jibankrishna (Diamond) had almost the similar dream long time back where he said to a distressed woman with sorrowful face to chant the name of God.]

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