I dreamt I was someone else, and chased?

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I dreamt I was someone else, and chased?

Postby boundlessea » 10 Feb 2018 13:24

Note that this is the first time I dreamt I was someone else. I am a nineteen-year-old female, but I dreamt I was a man in my 20s. I have been chased in my dreams before, once even through a hospital by a gang of ruffians. This time, I was chased again, except in a deadly game of tag.

Let's called myself 'B.' B was with a group of friends, all of whom decided to play tag around a vacant building (which I recognised was my old home.) I saw one of the younger boys try to get through a hole in a brick wall to escape the chase, but the bricks ended up collapsing. I was panting and made a run for it into a flat. There were two guys there, one of whom was 'it.' I remember locking them both together, which gave me enough time to sprint towards the lift.

Once I was in the lift, I hurriedly pressed the 'close' button, but the guy who was 'it' had broken the door of the house down and pried the doors of the lift open. I then saw myself in 3rd POV from an above view, and B was being cornered inside the lift. I jolted awake right after and saw the time was 5:30.

The dream freaked me out a little because it felt way too real. Any thoughts what it could mean?

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