My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 69

Controlling motion of the life power to and fro by
The grace of ‘Adyasakti’ or the Holy Mother

317) 13th September, 1978. Wednesday .
Late night dream: I was going to an unknown place along with my elder brother and an unknown person who was cycling himself carrying my elder brother. The road was somewhere near Chowringhee area of Kolkata and was very wide. Pedestrians and traffic were very few. While cycling, we went to a place where the road became closed due to a fencing and that seemed to be a private road. While coming back, we noticed that an army man was calling us saying , ‘The incharge of this campus is calling you’. I asked, ‘Why’? He answered, ‘This is a prohibited place and only for army staff. You have to give explanations’. So they went to the residence of the incharge. We saw that the incharge was a lady with a goun, short statured, slightly black complexed, complacent and seemed to be a Christian. She came and told me, ‘You have to go to Fort Willium and give explanation’. I noticed that the lady seemed to be good hearted and passionate to the me. She was talking with a smiling face and said, ‘ This is a prohibited place and why you have come here’? I said, ‘We have come here by mistake. However, we will never do it in future’.

Then I asked, ‘What may happen there’? She said, ‘Perhaps there may be fine or may keep your money with them or may give warning’. I said, There some superior officers know me very well as because I made garden designs for them’ (which also happened in reality)’. Then I thought that I had several hundred notes in my bag, what would happen to them? I saw that elder brother and his companion got nervous. So I said to them, ‘You need not worry. I shall face the situation’. Saying this I kept the bag with the lady keeping major amount of money and took a little amount so that all the money could not be fined. The lady with a smiling face kept my bag . Then and there I saw that two military policemen came there to take us to Fort William by car. They were also talking to us with smiling face and said that my companions and I had to give explanation there . I said, ‘I know many superior officers there and of course we have trespassed by mistake’. I noticed that one of the policeman took a handcuff with him . I thought—Oh! Would they take us with handcuff! Meanwhile the lady arranged some refreshments for us before going to Fort William . I thought that whatever trouble would come we had to face it and nothing to do. So I kept quite and gave my brother and his companion hope for the best. Just at this moment I woke up.

[An instant feeling appeared in my mind—probably the life force within his body went to a wrong path, because during the austerity many diversions use to come in front of the seer and to rectify them the grace of body or Adyasakti is needed to be pleased to the seer and so I kept the spiritual wealth with her so that these were not lost. Here money means spiritual wealth (in reality the seer had over three hundred divine dreams which was unknown to him and verified after counting).]

Advancement of Austerity

318) . 18th September, 1978. Monday .
Early morning dream : In this dream I was seeing myself carried by an unknown boy on a bicycle, but this time a motor is fixed with the bicycle and it was running automatically . The destination is Dilip Mitra’s (a devotee), but the address was unknown although the direction was known.

I was supposed to go through Raja Dinendra Street but I was observing that this was as if an endless journey.
After a while I observed a river in front surrounded by deep vegetation with trees looking like a village surrounding unlike the real one. I went on thinking with great surprise—where had these come from! Then a doubt came in my mind—would this boy take me to the exact place!
After a while a ditch appeared before us. A shopkeeper was asked about the exact directing and the exact location.

I noticed that the rood crossed the ditch and went straight to Dilip’s residence and that was Raja Dinendra street although there was no similarity with the real one . At this moment I saw that the boy was well ahead of me and so with the cycle I crossed the ditch and caught the main road. I thought that I would drive now very fast as the engine was fixed with the cycle and so I started the engine . Here the dream went off.

[The dream indicates the internal motion of life power during the austerity to further advancement with the help of God (The unknown boy). This time it also shows that the strength of the life power is increased as the bicycle is fitted with motor and it also indicates that the whole process of austerity is running automatically as the bicycle is running automatically.]

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