-very- disturbing sexual dreams, need help understanding why I'm getting them

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-very- disturbing sexual dreams, need help understanding why I'm getting them

Postby ejmcelfresh » 07 Apr 2018 22:24

I've been having some recurring sexual dreams which I find very disturbing and confusing.

1st dream - I have a dream where I am in some unfamiliar ruins of sorts, I can't recall the symbols on some of the stones around here, and there is a solid feeling of unease. I explore the ruins but there doesn't seem to be any life around, just an empty remains of some old town. As I walk around I notice a large wolf like creature, and then suddenly a few more appear, and they spot me. They all begin to chase me and I start to run, they slowly start to catch up to me as I leave the ruins, but as they start to get me I am picked up swiftly from my right and carried off into the woods. It's another wolf like creature but it looks different from the others and there's no sense of dread anymore, just safety. We carry on some conversation that I can't hear for some reason and then he pushes me to the ground, and moves over top me and presents his... manhood to me. Without any more thoughts I begin to engage in carnal acts with him, which is where I wake up after a few moments of this. -- I'm never aroused or was it a "wet dream" upon waking up, just very confused and disoriented. I am not sure why they happen to be wolf like, as I've never found animals sexually attractive, which just adds to my confusion.

2nd dream - In this dream I am in a backyard having fun with my close friends, and I engage in conversation with my closest child hood friend's younger sister (she's 19 currently, but I've known her since she was very young) and after some time we start walking and end up in a pool, we're suddenly both in bathing suits (hers a 2 piece string set and me in the usual male swimming trunks) after some splashing and diving off the board we end up playing marco polo (or what i believe it to be) and I am it. I catch her and we start laughing but then we end up in a very intimate make out session, after a blur in the dream we're laying in a bed and engaged in some heavy sexual acts. - I've known this girl since she was very young, and I've never thought of her sexually. I'm 24 now and she's 19. These dreams usually leave me quite aroused when I wake from them.

3rd dream - This one is more recent (started 2 weeks ago), and incest-ual in nature. I am in a house I'm not familiiar with, on what I believe to be the first floor and spending time with some family members. We watch movies, play some board games and eat a meal (not sure which one it is though) and after that meal I head to the basement, where no one else is. I was tired inthe dream and most likely heading to sleep. my room in real life is in the basement but this isn't my home in the dream. As I enter a room in the basement, I find my cousin on my bed, nude and presenting herself to me. I approach her and without hesitation engage in some erotic foreplay and eventually full intercourse with her. -- I usually awaken from this dream aroused as well, and I've definitely never had any sexual attraction to any of my family members or had any sexual thoughts. I haven't even seen her in a few months.

All these dreams are really wearing on my psyche, and I can't seem to stop having them.

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