My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Dipak » 20 May 2018 07:53

Chapter 73

Indication of new phase

334). 23rd January, 1979. Tuesday, Place: Ghatshila .
Early morning dream: The news came to me that Jibankrishna had come. It was morning and the seer would go to school lately. I rushed to Kadamtala with great eagerness. Entering Kedatr Deauti Lane when I e stood in front of Jibankrishna’s room, found no trace of Jibankrishna. Instead of that I saw tenants and all were sleeping (In reality there were tenants) . Then and there it flashed in my mind that I should not come here, but should come to Betaitala, his latest residence. So I started for Bateitala. I observed that the environment became very nice and pleasant unlike the reality. The roads were very wide, made of concrete and ornamental. Some young girls were coming behind me, but I ignored and walked singing English songs. In a place I saw the road became bifurcated in different ways. One of them went vertically down wards and people were walking on that with 90 angle downwards. I thought that I should not go through that road.
Mean while the group of girls vanished. Then I went to Betaila but felt that the residence of Jibankrishna was belonging to that of Indranath Mukherjee at Makardah. I went to the top floor room, as if Jibankrishna would come there. I entered the room and saw it was packed up with materials, but all were un- cleaned. I watched everything carefully so that no snakes were present. In the meantime someone said, ‘ Jibankrishna would not come here’. Then I felt helpless and in that condition the dream went off.

[The dream seemed to indicate that a new phase of austerity night start. The roads were wider, concreted and ornamental which indicated that the passage of life force will become strong and new realizations might occur within the body of the seer.]

The grace of the Holy Ghost will be poured upon the seer

335). 26th January, 1979. Friday. Place: Makardah, Howrah.
Early morning dream: I was feeling the presence of the Holy Ghost who was invisible. But he was busy with innumerable varieties of food stuffs. I was feeling that my stomach completely filled up. Yet the Holy Ghost continued to feed me with his own hand. The moment came when I was feeling that yet the feeding was incomplete, and then my dream went off.

[Some of the previous dreams indicated that some new phases are coming in the austerity of the seer. This dream clearly indicated that the seer would have many many new realizations in future.
From Nirguna the Holy Ghost was feeding the seer. It means that the Holy Ghost is bestowing his grace upon the seer. Nirguna means infinity from where new powers always come.]

Vision of Puratan Purusa (Primeval Supreme Man)

336). 31st January, 1979. Place: Makardah, Howrah.
Early morning dream: I was staying in the country side residence of Indranath Mukherjee at Makardah. One day I saw that quite a large number of big monkeys were frisking on the branches of tree outside the house. Then I saw a very strongly built man stood in front of me—his hairs, beard and even the hairs of the body were white. He seemed to me Hanuman as described in Ramayana, through his stature was unlike Hanuman. I doubted whether he would attack me. The man also was frisking on the branches and then stood in front of me.
After a moment he came inside the room and narrated the old histories continuously to me though nothing was left in memory afterwards. I also noticed that my father was present there and discussions were going on with him. It was also noticed that the books e.g. ‘Kathamrita’ (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna), ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti were kept there.
Off and on I was noticing the old man and had in my mind that he might be Jibankrishna, the Holy Ghost also. I was listening to the old man minutely and I was having such impression. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicates many things: Perhaps the old man was the Puratan Purusha (Primeval man) as he seemed to be several centuries old man narrating old history. He seemed to be Jibankrishna and he is the ‘Puratan Purush’ or the Primeval Supreme Man as described in Upanishad].

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