My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Dipak » 09 Jun 2018 05:50

Chapter 74

Stability of mass austerity

337). 1st February, 1979. Thursday.
Late night dream: I had gone to the residence of Sri Sushil Bandyopadhyaya, an old devotee of Jibankrishna, though he demised long ago. There I saw Ranjit Banerjee, Sushil Banerjee’s nephew and also a devotee. He had been suffering from diarrhoea. I said to him, ‘It will be recovered‘. Then from there I went to the house of Nisith Bairagi, my friend and also aJibankrishna companion. But he was not there, so I again went to the main road and walked. I noticed that an unknown fellow was following me. Suddenly he said to me, ‘I had a dream and that was regarding you. I am dreaming that you have gone to Russia via America, I have this meaning that you will get married. What will you mean’?
I said, ‘I have a different meaning. I experienced the austerity in descent. I have experienced mass austerity though individualistic austerity. Do you know why? The individualistic austerity occurs in ascent and the mass austerity occurs in descent though individualistic austerity occurs in descent to a little extent. And America means democratic---Individualistic, while Russia means Socialistic, which deals with masses. For this reason I experienced both’.
Hearing this, the fellow surprisingly said , ‘How wonderfully you have given explanation in microcosm. I said, ‘I could say as because this has happened in me’. Here the dream went off.
Again I fell asleep and dreamed two devotees Arun Ghosh and Souren Bhattecharjee, although the subject matter could not be remembered.

[The dream is self explanatory.]

Accompany to devotees

338). 2nd February, and 3rd February, 1979, and

339). 3rd February, 1979.
Both these days I had the accompaniment with Arun Ghosh and Raghunath Sen in dream which indicates that even in dream the seer is having spiritual practices with accompaniment of devotees.

Accompany to a large number of devotees and increase of spiritual power

340). 5th February, 1979, Monday. Early morning dream: The scene opened with the residence of a devotee Sri Indranath Mukherjee at Makardah, Howrah where a large gathering of innumerable Jibankrishna’s devotees were being held. Amongst them Raghunath Sen was remembered. The dream continued for a long time and then went off.

[Seeing a large number of devotees in the dream, the brain capacity increases as Jibankrishna used to say. At the same time it indicates that the effect of dreams will last within the body of the seer as in a previous dream Jibankrishna said to the seer, ‘The more you will give accompaniment to devotees, the more the effect of the dream will last in your body’.]

Elimination of old prejudices

341). 6th February, 1979, Tuesday. Early morning dream: Among many incidents in the midst of the dream once I saw myself going somewhere by car through a highway driven by an unknown person. Suddenly some fellows were seen in front of the car and they seemed to be evil ghosts. But the car continued to run by running over them. At this moment I woke up.

[The dream indicates thus: Car represents life force with full power of the seer ; Ghosts represents old prejudices which were destroyed within the body of the seer for newer realizations or mass austere, as in individualism prejudices last while in mass austere these are eliminated.]
Indication of future new realizations and their lasting in the body

342). 7th February, 1979, Wednesday. Early morning dream: Being invited somewhere I was having a good supper. Plenty of food staffs were arranged and I was enjoying them in full stomach. Then I observed that fried fishes were served tome. I ate so much as if up to my neck. At this moment I woke up.

[The dream indicates that the seer will have innumerable realizations in future and the effects will last in his body as fish fries means lasting of the effects of the austere within the body as said by Sri Jibankrishna. The dream corroborates with the previous dream.]

Conception of Divine Dream theory—Introspection of mind

343). 19th February, 1979. Monday. Early morning dream: The scene opened with a discussion about divine dreams between a Jibankrishna devotee and his wife. With full concentration II was reading a book. At this moment when they were interpreting wrongly, I began to explain about the divine dream to them.
Afterwards that gentleman asked me, ‘Have you ever been in holy place’? I answered, ‘The day I went to Jibankrishna, all the prejudices left me’. While saying these words my eyes were full of tears for love of Jibankrishna and with such condition the dream went off.

[The dream indicates two aspects: Firstly, the seer has achieved a good conception about divine dream and secondly, the seer’s mind has achieved introspective condition.]

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Re: My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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