Boats and Planes

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Boats and Planes

Postby CiaraBrady1 » 06 Jul 2018 14:35

So last night I had a dream where I was on an engine powered boat with my father and my brother and a few other people I didn't know. We were on our local lake and the plan was to go down the country just as something to do for the day/weekend. In my dream I decided to walk to the next town that the boat was going to be stopping instead of going with them because I have recently put on a bit of weight and wanted to get some exercise in. As I was walking to the next town I realised that I was going towards the wrong town and by the time I would get to the correct town the boat would already have left without me. Also, another reason I noticed I was going in the wrong direction is because I was walking by a stream on my way to the wrong town and it was flowing in the opposite direction to me and that was an indicator that I was going the wrong way. I then decided to walk home to my father's house (the house I grew up in) as I was walking up the hill towards the house I could see a huge Aer Lingus aeroplane going crazy in the sky, kind of going out of control and doing loops, way off in the distance, it kept coming closer to me and then it crashed in the field right next to me. Then all of a sudden the area that the plane crashed into looked like it was a built up area with really tall buildings that had all been destroyed, there was a lot of black ash and large parts that were very unsteady that nearly fell on top of me. I had to make my way over to the house but I was uncertain about whether something might fall on top of me. I could see 2 of my family members at my house beckoning me over. That's when I woke up. Can anyone please let me know what any of that means 😅

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