Paralyzed Inside the Dream

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Paralyzed Inside the Dream

Postby Livid_Sriracha » 11 Jul 2018 02:40

Recently, I have managed to become lucid in a few of my dreams. One of which appeared to be a hyper-vivid lucid dream, more on that later. However, with these recent lucid dreams I’ve begun to notice that the instant I become lucid I completely drop in the dream. I can’t move my arms or legs and my vision goes blurry. In the hyper-vivid LD, once I became lucid and the dream became clearer I once again couldn’t move and went blind. This time, though, I managed to escape the paralysis one time and then it managed to consume me again. After the paralysis I always wake up.

Note: This only occurs with LD’s and I have had LD’s before and never had this issue

Any thoughts on what it could mean and how to prevent and/or fix this?

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Re: Paralyzed Inside the Dream

Postby Yemen » 21 Jul 2018 13:11

Well since its a lucid dream you could think in your mind some cliche way like you banishing the paralysis which may sound kind of weird but you have to make your thoughts clear on you wanting to stop it

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