Mystic pendulums

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Mystic pendulums

Postby R99 » 11 Jul 2018 05:51

A dark corridor, no lights, am searching for something. There were rooms both side. In it there were pendulums made of crystal. It was lit inside and projecting lights like a 3d hologRam. (strange texts) collected 3 of them .. One was emitting dim red light hologram, another one was golden yellow, and the last one was pure white I think. There was another room with a broken mechanism made from white thread , gears, and a single pendulum. Tried to make it work. But it was old, gears were rusty, stopped midway. There was some dark entity roaming the hallway. I was trying to get past it. Found another room, dimly Litted. There was a study table with some books, and a used bed. There was no door for this room. Instead half raised shutter, hight of knee. Found another small room, nothing were in it. Heard a loud scary noise. Seems like something searching for me. End of dream
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