A new planet for us.

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A new planet for us.

Postby R99 » 12 Jul 2018 14:43

There was a news in T.V that our planet is on a collision course between a moon sized planet. But in this case its not going destroy earth, instead it could work as a new planet. There was a hollow space on arctic I think, its gonna act as landing space for this new habitable planet. Scientists says it should shoot up itself once its area covered with species of all kinds of. Awakened people were excited on this new news. They were ready to leave this planet. There were news all over the media. But some how the planet took another turn and its now headed for another course. Scene changed, now I am drifting in space in search of this new moon sized planet. Some how I found it. Now am holding to it. Now i out grown this planet by size. Compared to me its now only a size of exercise ball. Once I hold on to it, I Thrown this planet to its old orbital course, that it would meet earth. But in the mean time I lost my control over my body and headed to opposite way. Dream ended.
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