Sacrifice ritual, priestess with knife

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Sacrifice ritual, priestess with knife

Postby belletristik » 07 Aug 2018 15:49

So it was a sunny day and I was walking over a town square with my baby (that also exists in real life) in my arms. We were headed to a facility in a white office building, on the top floor. I had not been there before but it was easy to find, and as I reach the door handle to open up and enter, I thought "shit, we're already here", somehow disappointed that we had already reached our destination.
i walk up spiraling stairs and i meet some people at the top of it. "let us sing you some hymns, you will need it" they say, with a lot of sympathy for me in their voices. "oh, someone already did that for me" i respond, "but ok, go ahead". i open a wooden door and enter a big white airy room with huge windows and bright sun light streaming in. the singlng people follow me and i realize why i was feeling averted towards coming here- i am to be made a sacrifice in a sacred ritual.
a priestess stands before me already and says "ok lets begin", she has a knife in her hand and wants to kill me right away to get it over with. "no please wait, i have some final words to share first!" i interrupt. a bunch of regular chairs are arranged in the room in a couple of rows. my family and some aqcuaintances are sitting on the front row. and also my dead grandma, who has been dead for 20 years and i havent seen since. my parents are shameful and avoid eye contact with me, they seem to be in denial that these are my last few moments alive. so i start talking and realize, holy shit, i dont wanna get stabbed, i want to live, also, the pain of a stab wound scares me. so my speech contains reasons for why i should get to live: how i am a loving person and good with kids. a woman from the spectator, jumps in and confirms that i am very good with kids. she says she has seen me with my son and that i am doing such a fine job raising a boy. the priestess wants to get back to order and continue the ceremony now. she looks a bit unsure about the knife procedure. she is fairly young, early 30's maybe, and have short brown hair and glasses. she is also thin and limber. i tell her that she wont be able to penetrate that knife through my chest as she is not strong enough. she'd have to run up and throw all of her body momentum in to me as well but then she wouldnt be able to aim right, i continue explaining. she picks up her phone to start googling stabbing techniques, or whatever. in the meanwhile i am content with the extra minutes i got to spend alive. an australian man walks in to the room all of a sudden (i am european)- he approaches me without worries, even though he also knows im getting sacrificied in a moment. he makes jokes and appears
to be somewhat of a clown. i laugh and appreciate his presence so much. thankful for the distraction.
then i woke up!

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