Dreaming about being in someone else's body

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Dreaming about being in someone else's body

Postby WinterNycole » 22 Aug 2018 12:41

So this morning I woke up from a really odd dream that took me about 10 minutes to recover from. I frequently have weird dreams and sometimes lucid ones. I also have dreamt about being someone else that I've never met..but it was nothing like this. I dreamt that I was about 3 different people all at the same time..but I was still myself. It was like I was visiting their bodies and their emotions. I was a separate entity watching the dream at the same time. I was also still me just experiencing their lives. It started with me being a man who had lost his wife years before, remarried, and had kids. My family had left for the day and once I knew the coast was clear, I pulled out a bottle of whiskey and started digging through some old boxes. The me watching the dream was curious, like I didn't know what he was doing..but I was also the man. It was almost like a split screen when playing a video game. As the man, I pulled out one particular old video and started drinking shots of whiskey while I set everything up on the tv. I sat in a recliner and pushed play. It was a video of my dead wife talking to me. Somehow, I made the video repeat one sentence over and over..i sat their getting drunk while listening to it. At some point I realized the family was coming back so I rushed to put everything away because I didn't want them to catch me doing this again. Apparently, it had been a problem and they thought I moved past it. All while this is going on, I would flash to being some other man. This man was the guy who killed the other man's wife. I think it was an accident at a lake. The reason I think it was an accident was because of the enormous amount of guilt I felt..the actual incident never played out in the dream. Somehow I knew that he/I had covered it up and was never caught. He/I was also drinking but at a kitchen table looking out a window. I also experienced this as being him and also watching him from the doorway of the kitchen. I could feel these emotions but I knew that they weren't really mine. That it was temporary. When I woke up, I had this intense feeling of truth..almost like these people really exist somewhere. Has anyone else had dreams like this? What couod it possibly be?

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