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Let me start by saying that I used to be an avid lucid dreamer, I practiced a lot and kept a detailed dream journal. I used to meditate every night and sometimes on my free time. I was able to think/ask for a scenery I wanted to explore, flying was easy. Some superpowers were available like strength and spawning bolts/energy from my hands and such which I regularly used against the regular "attackers". Every time I become lucid or even realize that I am dreaming I become a target of every dream character around me. They begin to all look at me and become angry. (I realized this is much like the scene of Neo in the Matrix.) I am very alienated when I become lucid. This isn't always the case but a lot of the time. Some dc's are much kinder to me and sometimes they even act surprised and astonished. Others are just angry and yell at me things like "You shouldn't be here" or "What is wrong with you?" some even attack me and I have to either defeat them or just fly away. Because of these regular events I gave up my lucid dreaming practices, stopped meditating and stopped keeping a dream journal. I lost interest in doing reality checks and even caring when I became lucid or realized I was dreaming. I began just flying straight up into the sky and just going and going. I would close my eyes and just keep going feeling the wind across my face until I became bored and I would wake myself, I didn't mention this earlier but I can wake myself up at anytime, I just shake myself awake. Sometimes it takes immense effort to shake myself awake and sometimes hurts. Anyways, after stopping lucid dreaming practices I would still become lucid sometimes or realize I'm dreaming and just ignore it. Then after a bit of doing that I was curious about it again so I began to do reality checks and sure enough I started to become lucid again. Sorry for the jumbled mess of text I am not a good writer and I am going to take it back a little, when I used to lucid dream a lot I had this funky habit asking/telling other lucid dreamers that this was a dream or if they knew this was a dream, I just wanted to see their reaction and I was curios what they would say. Some would say nothing and just look at me funny, some would get really angry and tell me it's not a dream, one person actually told me it was their dream that I was in, but no matter what it would cause a huge ruckus. now that I'm lucid dreaming again I've continued to do this, and that gets me into my main question I joined this forum to ask about. The vibrations. while dreaming I will realize I will become lucid or realize that I am dreaming and directly after, the whole dream world will start to become black and turn into lights and colors and patterns and my dream world (it feels like my whole self) will start to vibrate violently and I will feel like I am floating uncontrollably. This isn't the first time it's happened, it happens often but last night was a little different, in my dream I was outside talking to a man, I can't exactly remember about what ( i worked 10 hours today and its 1am where I live right now so I have forgotten some) but from what I can remember he was sort of upset about something and I said to him "You know this is just a dream right? There's no reason to be upset. Nothing matters here" and he got super angry and yelled back at me and said "You should not have said that" then my whole dream world disappeared and I started shaking/vibrating so violently that it hurt my whole self to the core I felt like I was being ripped apart and as usual I began to see lights and patterns everywhere. Usually when this happens I just wake myself up and then go back to sleep but this time I held out to see what might happen but it eventually became so intense that I woke myself up anyway. I am not sure what this is or why it happens I was hoping this forum would have some ideas or relatable experiences to share so that I may read how you deal with it or where it takes you if you just stick it out through the pain and vibration.

This is my first post on this forum I apologize if this isn't the right section. Thanks. -Astral

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