my friends dad died

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my friends dad died

Postby Lucid Dreamer » 17 Dec 2012 02:38

so i had a dream a while back and i am wondering what it means. so heres the dream;

i go outside. it is dark and gloomy out. everything is a bit grey. Then my friend comes out of the house he looks older than usual, very tired and sad. He has a little brother (which he does not have in real life). His mom comes out too. they all have boxes. We were neighbors (we are not in real life). i ask them either if they are moving in or out. (i cant remember. i dont have my dream journal with me right now). he looks at me and softly says, "my dad died". i say, "oh. im so sorry."

Thats it. so im wondering what this translates to with his dad dying and all.
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