A Different Person (explanation inside)

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A Different Person (explanation inside)

Postby emeraldyeslter » 03 Jan 2013 03:52

I'm a thirteen year old author and lucid dreamer and suffered frequently from night terrors for as Long as I can remember. (Lucid dreaming has lifted away most of it now but I still struggle with fear issues and have difficulties with the dark :( )
I've always been weird about sleeping. I've woken up in different beds than my own multiple times - I just get up in my sleep in the middle of the night and fall into another! And that brings me to the reason I posted this.
My mother came in to check on me one night and she came in hearing my voice. Only it wasn't my voice. Or it was, meaning it was coming from my own lips, but it wasn't my regular one.
I was speaking in a different language.
In my waking life the only other language I can speak is pig Latin.
"It was weird," she said softly. "I think it was some kind of western Russian. It was like you had a past life or something." She shook her head to herself. "It was weird."
Was this anything unusual? Does it mean anything?
Thanks, as always! ;)

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