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Complex houses

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 16:14
by Lisecila
So I often dream about houses, and I would love to hear about your own experiences of houses in dreams. I've read that the rooms we dream of are parts of ourself.

The thing is, the houses I dream of are often dark, and very big and complex. Sometimes they are even haunted and every time I meet someone in the rooms, I can't tell if they're real people or spirits. The walls are usually made of glass, and there are elevators. These are themes I often meet, when I walk into a house in a dream.

Last night I was in a very large house, and a woman came to me and said that I had to bring a glass of lemonade, to a child that slept on the 10th floor. I told her that there was no 10th floor, but she said: "Yes there is, take the elevator" I did not want to, but I did it anyways. As i stood in the elevator I could see the rooms I passed by. I was afraid that there would be people in the rooms, who would see me. In one of them there were a group of men who sat around a small table, they saw me, and It scared me.
I came up to the 10th floor, and found a boy who was awake in his bed. The room had a low ceiling, and looked a bit like an attic. I gave him the lemonade, and read a book to him, about a small boy who got lost in the snow. He thought it was sad, and I sang him a lullaby.

Any suggestions to interpretation? And what are your own dream houses like? :)

Re: Complex houses

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 10:52
by taniaaust1
Here's how I'd interpute some of the aspects of your dream

Complex house.. I'd think from that that you are a complex type of person ..
"big" also represents an aspect of you.. I dont know thou from your dream what the big is related too.. it could be anything.. maybe you are "big" in your thinking.. or get "big" ideas etc
"dark".. you arent bubbly light kind of person but one who has some "dark" aspects (like most of us do)
"haunted" maybe you hold onto things and dont let things of the past go.
"walls of glass" could you see into the other rooms throu the glass? is so maybe it means you have a good insight into other aspects of yourself. Glass walls would break easily.. so maybe could also represent the boundries between your different personalities or aspects are fragile.
Elevators.. you can raise to new heights easily (eg grow and improve with things easily)

Child on the tenth floor.. maybe is representing the your highest self but your current connection to that. Child in your connection with it... lot more spiritual development to take place (if that 10th floor was the top of things or above the top seeing you thought there was no more floors).
Having to go to the 10th floor thou you didnt want to go that high.. could signify that you are having to fight fears to raise yourself to new levels.

the story with the boy lost.. also represents a part of you. The good thing about snow is that it usually ends up melting one day.


My dream houses are fairly ordinary.. I actually dont dream of houses that much.. usually are focused on the other going ons in my dream. Last week thou my house had burial mounds leading up to it.. I think representing all the things Ive "buried" or need to bury but they are still there in my face (with the burial mounds everywhere).

Re: Complex houses

Posted: 24 Feb 2013 15:41
by Lisecila
Thank you! That was very helpful :) I have been doing dream work for a long while, but interpretation have always been my weak side.
A lot of the things you said, made sense to me, and my current situation. :)