flying/hovering dreams

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flying/hovering dreams

Postby debjwoodruff » 20 Mar 2013 21:52

I have been having recurrent dreams of flying/hovering for the last year... at least 3 times each month. I am in different geographical locations... some parks, some mountain, some ocean, some forests, some cities and I can will myself to take off, usually a running start & lift up. I am able to hover & fly around any obstacle or geography (I never fly higher than 100' or so).. Then people appear & see me & I land, then tell them "This, too, you can do"... and I show them by running a few steps & lifting up and swooping & hovering & flying. These dreams do not have any physical component to my body (ie no orgasm or shivering, etc)... but when I wake I feel like I could so easily 'get in the zone' & fly in my wakened state, but that darn -gravity- just won't let me! :lol: but I feel so free and uplifted :lol: for the rest of the day!
I wish I knew why this happens... I know the 'armchair' interpretation is that I must feel I can surmount any obstacles in my path.... But I was wondering if there is any more meaning than that? :?:
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Re: flying/hovering dreams

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Mar 2013 00:23

I'd think too that dream would also mean not only in regards to you "flying" but also that you could wish to help others "fly" one could say too (be happy and free and without burden of troubles). You may be a person who is leading by example of this.

The different settings I think just represent that you can achieve this in all kinds of life environments.
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