Just sharing some of the most vivid dreams i had.

A place to share and analyze your dreams (lucid or otherwise) to better understand your dreams' subconscious symbolism.
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Just sharing some of the most vivid dreams i had.

Postby galastrato » 17 Apr 2013 23:33

Even though i know i had a lot of dreams throughout my life, there are these 3-4 that are so vivid, i still remember them after years, after a decade!

the first one and probably the most symbolic dream i have ever had was a surrealistic landscape of really light brown color. (look up Salvador Dali's "the phantom wagon") exactly like that, but the color was light brown. So there was a wavy road, and i was sitting in the behind seat of an old soviet car (search Lada 09).
there were also 2 people in the front, and one next to me, they were dark, and i couldn't understand who they were. so we are driving on this road, and along the road on both sides, i can see the monuments of human architectural genius, but they are upside down. i can recall the Pizza tower, and the tower of babel.
and that was all there is it to it. but when i woke up, i was amazed how symbolic it was.

the other one was really short, i was on a huge ruined building, there was nothing else around, just limitless plains, and a ruined skyscraper. i was on the top, and i wanted to jump. i thought that it will kill me, but i didn't care, i thought "i will just roll when i reach the floor" (lol) so i jump, fall to the lower level of the skyscraper, push myself even further (yes this is happening while i'm still falling at high speed) and then i land and roll, perfectly fine. that's it. now when i have found about lucid dreaming, i think that back then i should have reallised it was a dream, and went into lucid state. but seems like i was just too young x)

another one was quite interesting too. i was in a really long swimming pool, and it had all kinds of different geometrical shaped barriers along the length of it. then i jump in, and my legs start to propel me forward with crazy speed, i look at them, and i see that there is fire coming out behind my feet, just like rockets have. so i "swim/fly" through that pool at speed of like 200 km/h passing all the obstacles, and then come back, that is all i remember from that dream x) was quite interesting, and still did not activate a lucid dream xO.

the last one is a nightmare, the only nightmare i still remember, i stopped having those since age 6-7, like at all. i hope it stays that way..
so it was a really dark place, i don't even know where it was, because it was really dark. there was one source of light, shining down a table. a girl and a boy stand next to it. then girl grabs the boy, and slams his head into the table, it flies of his shoulders, and rolls away.
i was frightened to the core, i was so scared that dream got stamped in my mind, and i still remember it almost as good as back then.

so yeah, just though i would see if anyone got close experiences to mine x), thanks for reading!

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Re: Just sharing some of the most vivid dreams i had.

Postby oliverclay » 09 Jul 2013 12:29

This dream was really horrible and i am sure you will have great experience and learn few extra things.

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