I cant think of a title for this...

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I cant think of a title for this...

Postby Gdog96 » 10 Dec 2011 17:33

So basically, I used to get these dreams about not veing able to reach something or do something I really wanted to do.
For example, when I was little, I used to occasional dreams where I would open a cupboard in my kitchen and it would be full of really nice sweets that I love or could never get ahold of in real life, but as soon as i try to reach out and get one my dream ends.
I have also had this dream a few times: I would be in this really big, beautiful house, and would be standing at the bottom of a massive staircase with lots of other staircases branching off it and going all out into different directions, and I really wanted to go and explore the house, but whenever I tried, it would end.
I haven't had one of these types of dreams in a while, but still, what do you think this would mean?

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