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recurring lucid dream/shapeshifting owl

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 11:59
by LucidDreamer
Can anyone halp me interpret this dream...?

Often I see a shapeshifting owl in a dream, and this is when I realise I am dreaming, and often I follow the owl..

Recently the owl has taken me to the same place, over and over.

We fly over the sea to a shore line. There are hundreds of people meditating on the beach and there is a huge wave paused in mid air above their heads, like their meditation is stopping the wave from crashing..

? No Idea!! :D

Re: recurring lucid dream/shapeshifting owl

Posted: 05 Jan 2012 18:06
by lucidinthe sky
Owls are supposed to symbolize inner wisdom and intuition. Water is the spiritual and land the physical so the beach is the meeting place of the 2. Maybe you are supposed to move into a more deeply spirtual experience, just a guess. That's my take on it.

Re: recurring lucid dream/shapeshifting owl

Posted: 08 Jan 2012 08:11
by Snaggle
Qwls are in traditional western European folklore heavily associated with magic and are what witches and vampires shape shift into rather than bats. They also are active at night and predatory strengthening their associations with darkness and evil.

Is the magic of those on the beach actually averting disaster or preventing them from being cleansed as both salt and water are symbols of spiritual cleansing. The dream could also mean that you need to clean up your life as the people on the beach may symbolize your problems that are magically preventing themselves from being resolved.

In my own case I've had dreams of owls in their traditional roles as witches and vampires, but I may be prejudiced as my ancestors flew the raven banner and ravens and owls are mortal enemies ;)

Re: recurring lucid dream/shapeshifting owl

Posted: 09 Jan 2012 12:07
by LucidDreamer
lucidinthe sky wrote:Owls are supposed to symbolize inner wisdom and intuition. Water is the spiritual and land the physical so the beach is the meeting place of the 2. Maybe you are supposed to move into a more deeply spirtual experience, just a guess. That's my take on it.

I think I already am :) Im starting to lucid dream now almost every night, and almost all of my dreams seem to relate to time, space, life, death, time, creation.. I have started to meditate too, I recently learned how to at a budhist center since the onset of this dream. Thank you L...

The owl I see I do not fear..Ive followed it to quite a few places now.. I see the owl (normally on my window cill) and roll out of my body and follow..

i visited pyramids of gold on another planet following this owl...I did put a post somewhere on this forum..

Also, I played chess with angels after following my shapeshifting owl.. (now thats mad!!! :lol: )

The first time I played chess with angels they were black, from head to toe.. The chess board has more squares than a normal chess set and all the pieces are angels. This is where it gets confusing.. To gain another black piece on the board, you need to get a complete row of black pieces. This was somehow the game of life. I did not fear the angels, and in the dream, felt I fully understood the game and what it meant..on awaking this was lost!

The next time I played chess was with white angels, They explaned that they had no control over the pieces, but by placing a white angel piece under a black angel piece they can help support and protect you in the game of life. This was all so clear in the dream.. I felt I understood everything in the world ever..!

I don't like the idea the owl is a vampire or a witch - could turn my dream into a nightmare :( so for now, I will just refer the owl as my guide..

I appear to have so much control lucidly. But what I find interesting is yes, you have control, or what you are saying or doing.. but you do not have complete control of where you go. Like, I 'choose' fo fly and follow the owl.. But I do not 'choose' where we go. I do think its amazing, all of it! If it is all in your mind, you do not leave your body and it is just a dream, it has created a place of stunning detail and art, can create multiple beings and play complicated games..all of this while keeping part of your brain aware and creating intense feelings of joy, peace and wisdom..

A bear once told me in a dream.. 'Our minds are expanding, as is the universe' Whilst I like to keep my feet on the ground, I doo feel as if my mind is expanding..through meditation and lucid dreaming/obe's/astral projection..or night wandering as I like to call it :)

Snaggle, the meditation on the beach is holding a wave from crashing.. I feel that means holding back a disaster in the dream. Maybe through meditation, I will find the answer?

Thanks guys, great to be able to share :)

Re: recurring lucid dream/shapeshifting owl

Posted: 12 Jun 2018 03:08
by November
I was trying to google my dream and I found this post about a shape shifting owl. It was following me in my dreams. My dreams are sometimes very far out. You can reference my introduction post here.

She finally made her introduction as I was walking on a path in a dark forrest. She flew and hit me in my chest. I caught her preventing her from hitting the ground.

She explained she wanted me to follow her. I’m leery of these visitors. She was small and white and then turned in to a beautiful woman. She spoke a different language along with English. I asked where she wanted to take me. She said it’s magic and she had a word for magic in her language. She said where your fears would go away and in to another sleep. It demonstrated this. A sleep within my sleep and a dream within my dream. Then she sang to me about this.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable, but I was hesitant. White, being the color of her feathers before shapeshifting, usually symbolizes good. I decided to wake.