Mental breakdowns

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Mental breakdowns

Postby Tiggrr » 15 Mar 2012 07:48

Sorry if I'm new at this but I just tried and had something happen. Before I start I should say a few things first. I've been training to do ninja stuff like being still for hours on end so trying to go straight into dreaming state wouldn't be hard. Plus I have had some "dreams" along the accounts of lucid dreams but wasn't sure. Unfortunately I underestimated what could go wrong.

"The feeling was indescribable. My body seemed to shrink and grow and change to randomness. Almost like a mental breakdown, but I stayed true to the point by saying and picturing a grass field with a violinist playing under a tree. Couldn't go any further. It was painful to my head and right after I stopped to open my eyes I started shaking uncontrollably."
Account from Journal

This has happened before but I wasn't trying to enter a lucid dream. And usually when I open my eyes it stops hurting. I really want some help trying to solve this.

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