Precognition and Precognitive Dreams.

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Re: Precognition and Precognitive Dreams.

Postby mikeg313 » 04 Sep 2013 05:44

my precog dreams have never been exact.

The boy that broke his arm was actually seen from a bus, but in the dream was a glance on a street.

My sister in law's husband died at 2am, and in my dream was in the afternoon.

My friend will die when a line of trees are fallen and he is in the U.S. In the dream he died here in Belize.

In the dream i had an xbox game system when I was at my brothers house, reality i got it at my home.

The only accurate one I had was with a friends dog. I dreamed that he got ran over near a shop and in reality he did.

Like i said subtle difference but the outcome was the same. Like final destination. They all lived a little longer but died in the end.

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