Sleep Paralysis Shadow Monster: Friend or Foe?

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Re: Sleep Paralysis Shadow Monster: Friend or Foe?

Postby mysticnova7 » 07 Aug 2012 03:09


Heard about shadow people before... haven't seen them in my dreams, except my own shadow (C. Jung).

The thing is, I have seen some of them while awake, even in my own room. More clearly after meditating for a while.
There was this special one who wouldn't talk to me and I couldn't feel if he was a good or an evil presence. Finally, while awake, I found somehow (dowsing) he was more like an evil one, and I could feel it this time. I asked some elevated beings (call them as you want, angels, etc.) to help me and kick him out.
Placebo?: he never appeared again.

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Re: Sleep Paralysis Shadow Monster: Friend or Foe?

Postby Byzaeus » 11 Jan 2018 08:41

I have had experience with one of them. Ever since I was ten years old, in fact.

I saw them in a visage of a dream, first, a nightmare after a young and impressionable mind had watched Harry Potter. I was reaching for my own Philosopher's Stone, tucked in a wooden box on a shelf in a recreation of my old home's office. They stared at me, watching me from across the hall as I reached for it. They were upon me in an instant and all I could remember from that night were their red eyes.

Since that day, for years, I would have intermittent visits from the traveler. I've seen him at the edge, outside my window as I drift to sleep. I have episodes where I've been dragged by him and have even felt *claws* on my legs from him. For a long time I could not get him to say anything. No words, no shared thoughts. At times he was comforting to have around, but many times I could feel him "prowling".

It wasn't until that I began to understand what he was, learning about shadow people and how people can manifest certain things in their minds, pieces of the puzzle began to fit. I couldn't say it *spoke* to me, but I started learning that it was a problem inside of myself. A dark horse following me, existing to remind me of my guilt and my pain inside of me.

Ever since I was a boy, I felt pain. Felt estranged. Felt like a monster to the world. Something that needed to be condemned. It followed me because of that. A silent harbinger and reminder of who I was.

Slowly its shadows peeled away. In my mind, it revealed to me these things. We embraced. We are whole now and I don't need his darkness again.

I registered today to tell this story, hoping it may help.

Blessed be.

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Re: Sleep Paralysis Shadow Monster: Friend or Foe?

Postby jasmine2 » 11 Jan 2018 23:29

I recommend website -

- Dream Studies Portal -
Hosted by Ryan Hurd

Click on tab - "Sleep Paralysis"
Includes about 20 interesting articles

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