Ghostly Figure

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Ghostly Figure

Postby TillyPink » 19 Oct 2015 22:40

I am an experienced lucid dreamer and have also 'mastered' WILD technique...although unless I stay conscious until I start to build hypnogogia into a dream, I most often have an OBE entry to the lucid dream. So most often I have to build my dream experiences from my perceived bedroom.

A few months ago my son, who was 15 at the time, had a strange encounter with a ghost standing in his doorway in his bedroom in the middle of the night. He awoke to this dark figure, male, short, stood there looking is way. He shouted 'WTF'! In it's full form pulled his iPhone out and shined light from it and the figure disappeared.

I obviously thought this was an overlap of dream, and he came out of SP the moment he shouted WTF also because my son told me he had a dream interrupted by a man that had 'tapped him on the shoulder'.

A month or so later it happened again. This time he did not swear but he did shout lol. I got up and went to him and he described the same scenario. He remained very calm about and agreed it was just an overlap of dream. More importantly, whatever it was, he recognised as not being real (as in fact what scared him most was the fact he thought it might be an intruder)

That night I went back to sleep and something strange happened to me. I guess because it was the early hours, I unintentionally initiated a WILD. Except when it happened, although I recall it as it happened, I was still somewhat unconscious. All I remember is 'leaving' my body, laying down backwards on my bed and reaching upwards. I then arose from my bed and I was this man. I felt no emotion. I walked to my son's bedroom, and I stood in the doorway. I could see our dog staring at me, and my son asleep in his bed. I saw to the right of me his X-Box, and on it was a toilet roll. Nearly empty of tissue. I took this roll and threw it at him. I had a feeling I wanted to get his attention so I did not throw it right a him, just by the side of him. He did not awake. But I did. In my bed. Wondering what I had been doing and I realised I had just played the roll of this dark figure (played the toilet roll?) in my son's room (seriously I think that is what the toilet roll represented!) What I felt was no maliciousness, but I just wanted to get his attention. Also it is the only time I have ever had a WILD ad been unconscious to my actions. I did not question being this man at the time. I just got on with it.

A few months have past again and my son and I have swapped rooms as he is 16 now and he needs the bigger room. I have been busy creating a new dream space in the small room. It is odd having OBE's in the new room as I got so used to having them in what is now my son's room. I hae had moments of wondering if my son's room is haunted. It feels colder then the other rooms. The energy doesn't feel as cosy. I felt glad my son was in my old bedroom and fancied doing some work on the energy in his old. room. I've had lots' a normal OBE's and have just left ad lucid dreamed. But one time I did get up (in an OBE) and wonder if that strange figure was by the door. I thought he was so I walked my dream body backwards into him and he turned into a pile of cardboard boxes and fell down. I then continued with my dream.

But v early this morning I awoke to hearing my son shouting 'BOO!!'. I lay there and immediately knew that the dark figure had been in his room (what was my room) and he had shouted 'BOO!' at it to make it go away. I went back to sleep. When I awoke I wondered why I was not more alarmed. I soon forgot about it until my son spoke about it this evening after we mentioned lucid dreaming. He said the same figure had entered the room. The man had walked a little way in and my son then went for his iPhone again. My son had the usual panic that it might be an intruder, but as soon as he went for his phone, it disappeared. I still don't quite get why my son shouted BOO at the ghost-figure but somehow I did get it when I awoke to hearing him shouting it.

OK. We want to sort this one now. My son doesn't really want to see this guy again.

Options: I suggested it is an overlap and he is only able to react to it after it has gone suggesting it is SP. But he disagreed because after he shouted WTF the first time (which I heard to) it was still there. Which suggests he was out of SP by that time. But perhaps there is an overlap to SP too? Which is why I am posting here to see if anyone has had similar...

The next option is: is a ghost? But what is a ghost? A projection of himself maybe? A resonance of something? I was brought up in a house with a very unhappy ghost, but the whole family always thought it was just unhappy energy left behind. This house does not seem to contain any vibes like that. Well. At least it didn't. We have been here for 15 years.

The even more nerve wracking option it me?? Am I really projecting my dream body somehow into his conscious experience? Am I having unconscious OBE's? Are there more to OBE's then just my brain remembering where I last left my body? The only reason I would question this is because of the experience I mentioned where I unconsciously became the figure and traced it as it happened... and also because I have only been working with WILD for the last couple of years...before that I was just a natural lucid dreamer not intending a thing.

This is a long post, but perhaps someone may read it and have some ideas they might like to share. Because I am a little bit stuck right now. I feel guilty because I asked my son if he would perhaps try to get into dialogue with it next time (as if it is a lucid dream) and then he got mad at me because he said he didn't feel afraid and now he does! Oops.

FYI my son is mentally balanced and calls me a hippy and plays football and has loads of mates he is not a kid who looks for stuff to get weird about. Although he is sensitive and highly intuitive and intelligent. Sorry mate, you can't leave all your mum's genes behind!!

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Ghostly Figure

Postby jasmine2 » 22 Oct 2015 03:29

It sounds to me like some of the experiences you describe may be hypnagogia. And also, perhaps your son does occasionally sense your dream body when you are having an out of body experience.

Robert Monroe, in his book "Journeys Out Of The Body" (I think), describes an out of body experience during which he seemed to be visiting the home of a friend. This friend later told Bob that, on that night, the friend had "seen" a rather ghostly human presence in his room.

I recommend the following -

- Article - "Hypnagogia and Hypnopompia/ Dream Studies Portal -
by Ryan Hurd

- YouTube - "1995 Robert Monroe Radio Interview on OBEs" posted by JuicePOD OBE TV
Includes many illustrations

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Re: Ghostly Figure

Postby TillyPink » 23 Oct 2015 22:30

Thank you so much for your reply Jasmine. I am going to check out the links. All the best. Tilly

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Re: Ghostly Figure

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Nov 2015 17:43

Seeing your son hasn't recognised this as being you, I'd personally think it's probably another.

It may be a good idea to get some white sage and do a house clearing.

When we are doing things such as OBE, we can attract things into our homes (or maybe this spirit was already there).

Be aware that seeing your son is seeing this, he could well see you too if you went to him in a OBE state. I once scared both my children when I was trying to astral project to see what they were up to (school morning and I was still in bed feeling too tired to get up) on that occasion one of the children had left a chair out and it was right where I was trying to manifest myself to astrally stand. The chair actually slid a bit along the floor scaring the children who quickly brought me out of my state.
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Re: Ghostly Figure

Postby Enra Traz » 03 Dec 2015 21:02

I agree. ^

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Re: Ghostly Figure

Postby Summerlander » 04 Dec 2015 13:28

I disagree. ^^ :mrgreen:

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