can anyone explain this please

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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can anyone explain this please

Postby elz » 17 Apr 2016 23:03

hi, i posted earlier in the intro section but after a quick look around it seems here may be the place i need to be, this is a copy and paste of my earlier post... thanks :)

hi everyone, I came across your forum while googling for a good 'dream' place to ask for advice/suggestions. Apologies for the length, I just want to give bit of background as it may help someone to offer help to me ..

I have always had lucid dreams, as far back as I can remember, maybe 7 or 8 years old. My sister and my kids both have them too. None of it practised it just happens naturally. Our grandma was really into spirits and stuff and always said we got it from her as she always had same dreams. Because its my natural way of dreaming I have never researched too much about it or anything. I also experience sleep paralysis (which I dont believe is just a case of your mind awake and your body still sleeping but hey thats just my opinion.

I also experience some kind of weird 'moving between worlds' this is hard to describe,but basically I am usually in my own house but its different, (i can also be outside though i never recognise where i am, or inside another building that i again dont recognise) in my own house, the layout, furniture etc is exactly the same but the atmosphere is so wrong, its like a vacuum, no colours, just greyscale and so oppressive feeling, i am fully aware of whats happening when im here and i dont mind the look or feel of the 'place' - think silent hill and thats closest i can describe. What i dont like is the 'things' that are around, mostly in shadows but sometimes out in the open, like some sort of insectoid human reptile hybrid .. pure evil you can feel it..... (again like with the sleep paralysis im unsure if this is a dream .... or im somewhere else) but even this isnt the problem, its harder to control this than in normal 'dreaming', a lot harder but mostly when the things seem to become aware im there they stare then real quickly scuttle off. And sometimes I will choose to stay there and explore, sometimes I want to come back pretty quick, which i can mostly, though occasionally i have to fight with all my strength to get out of it. But I absolutely cannot control the 'whatever it is' I absolutely cannot change the scene, it just wont budge. I cannot even escape through the wall or up and through the roof or down and through the floor, i cannot fly away, i cannot make myself disappear and reappear somewhere else- all that is second nature to me in 'normal' dreams or even nightmares. The most i have ever been able to do is a pathetic 6 inch levitation or float down the stairs - actually none of this bothers me, I dont like the ominous feeling of the 'dreamworld' im in as its a terrifying feeling even when nothing seems to be around but its really no different than watching a top freaky horror film - like i mean when you are concious thinking about it its like 'wow that was wicked' even though the frustration at being 'imprisoned' there is massive

The thing that im needing advice about may sound tame after that but here goes

There is someone who comes in my dreams regularly. Its not happened for such a long time but recently been happening again. Sometimes I feel him at the edges of my 'vision' but i can never ever no matter how hard i try make him come into focus, or get closer to him, i go towards him, he keeps the same distance apart... even when i cant see him i know this is happening........ sometimes he is pretty close to me but i see him sideways on or from the back, ive never seen him front facing. I try to focus he fades or instantly isnt there, hes somewhere else. The rest is hard to explain, I feel I know him or should know him.... I feel he for sure knows me..... He never ever does anything hes just there, i dont feel threatened by him but for some reason i feel i should. The only facts i can give are this

1. I feel 100% its male
2. He appears in different clothing each time - last night 3 times he appeared, once in like bikers clothing, the other twice i couldnt focus on him properly
3. He never ever interacts with me or the dream in any shape form or way
4. I feel he has some information or something earth shattering that i want to know - this i guess could be imagination due to his elusivness
5. He can appear in any dream, but never ever appears in the situation i described above
6. He leaves as silenty as he comes, one minute i am aware hes there, the next i know hes not there and i feel a sort of pang of sadness that again i havent been able to speak to him
7. Sometimes he kinda floats in front of me and i try to follow him but get distracted so easily which isnt my usual method of dreaming, i can focus really well normally

8. while he appears in normal dream landscapes/situations etc there is usually something else going on in my dream and he butts in by appearing but doesnt really interfere with my dream, hes just there..... sometimes, the tone of my dream changes to a weird feeling of when you are kids and having great fun then an adult will hush you and you feel your jolly factor go down a few notches. Sometimes I feel annoyed hes there, sometimes i ignore him and just go on with my dreaming

But occasionally he also appears and changes my dream and i cant for the life of me change it back, when this happens its just a far stretching nothingness, no sound, no building, no sense of anything under my feet or around me, its dark but i can see... just theres nothing there to see

Theres more to this and the 'other world type' dreams i get with the creatures but this is basically the nitty gritty of the situations

I would be truly grateful if anyone could shed some light on this, if anyone can suggest how to take proper control of the weird atmosphere when i see the creatures and if anyone could suggest who the man may be and why he keeps coming but doesnt seem to be a reason for him to be there. I am 100% certain this isnt a normal dream character ... no way.... same with the weird creatures i meet in the other sort of 'dreams' i truly believe in that situation i am not in our world at all and not in a dream world, i feel this is somewhere real and somehow im going there when im sleeping

thank you :)

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Re: can anyone explain this please

Postby Summerlander » 19 Apr 2016 10:43

I am 100% certain this isnt a normal dream character ... no way.... same with the weird creatures i meet in the other sort of 'dreams' i truly believe in that situation i am not in our world at all and not in a dream world, i feel this is somewhere real and somehow im going there when im sleeping

In dreams we can believe many things which are not true. In fact, dreams can emulate anything--including the impression of other worlds and beings. You have not provided a good reason for your certainty that your experience is objectively real other than mentioning a feeling. Feelings can be misguided.
"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

- Padmasambhava

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Re: can anyone explain this please

Postby jasmine2 » 21 Apr 2016 02:30

Non-lucid and lucid dreams and out of body experiences can take place in a wide variety of dream world landscapes, which may be associated with a spectrum of emotions, from joyful to dark.

You describe a strange, barely seen, male figure, who frequently appears in your dreams. He may be a dream guide, who is initially being rather playful and elusive, but if you express a strong intention to meet him face-to-face, he may comply with your request.

If you feel threatened by a gloomy dream environment or dream character, you can imagine that you are surrounded by a warm, protective, loving light.

Before you go to sleep, you can ask the awareness behind the dreaming, "Please send me some dreams which show me what I need to know or do in my present life situation."

I recommend the following resources -
(1) - Article - Emotions and mood in dreams - - by Tony Crisp

(2) Website - - Resources
Hosted by William Buhlman

(3) Books by Robert Monroe
Journeys Out Of The Body
Far Journeys

(4) Book - Adventures Beyond The Body - by William Buhlman

(5) Book - Astral Dynamics - by Robert Bruce

(6) Book - Otherwhere: A field Guide To Nonphysical Reality For The out Of Body Traveler - by Kurt Leland

(7) Book - Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The inner Self - by Robert Waggoner

(8) Website - Past Issues/ Lucid Dreaming Experience Magazine -
Free archive - 15 years of quarterly issues

(9) YouTube - Stanislav Grof - Revision and Re-enchantment of Psychology
Emphasis is on "holotropic" (leading to wholeness) transpersonal experiences

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Re: can anyone explain this please

Postby jasmine2 » 21 Apr 2016 02:42

I'd also like to recommend this website -

"Dream Studies Portal/ Lucid Dreaming and Consciousness..." -
Hosted by Ryan Hurd
Includes about 20 interesting articles about sleep paralysis.
See especially - "9 Ways T Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis"

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