Won't this prove astral projection?

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Re: Won't this prove astral projection?

Postby taniaaust1 » 10 Feb 2013 09:38

My interpretation of this event is that your boyfriend was thinking about this particular item so much that you subconsciously picked up on it... hence, when you projected, you created it as such.

lol u got me there. I had been just about to ask you well how did I have the experience then. :) ..and that is also a logical explaination for it.

I thou have another question.. if they are the same.. how did I once move a physical chair which was seen by the physical people in the other room? (making them jump).

ah I know.. you will say telekinesis!! lol.. gee u are making me think.

okay...how do people then take photos of people who are experienced in OBE posing astrally in their astral bodies for the camera? (Ive seen a photo from someone who took one .. not online but someone from a group I used to go to took the photo).

know they're the same because I've experienced a dream, changed into a lucid dream, which then changed into an OBE/Astral Projection... all within the same experience, with no break in consciousness and not waking up between them.

I personally wouldnt attempt that as too likely to screw things up and confuse oneself by what is what. I wouldnt trust my judgement under such a situation. A dream.. I personally believe takes place in what is known as the "mental body" of ourselves (we have different auric layers). I wouldnt try to go from mental level to astral level as the mental level is all about imagination anyway and hence anything you percieve from that point is very very likely to just be imagination.. a dream. You may of dreamed you had changed and gone to astral OBE from that state. Ive often had ones which seemed to cross over..but Ive always viewed those as LDs due to that. It is quite possible to lucid dream of being OBE.

My experiences have proven to me that they're all the same experience (dreams, lucid dreams, astral projections, obes, etc..) ... BUT, what differentiates them is the varying levels of conscious awareness during the experience.

Consciousness doesnt necessarily change between a lucid dream and a OBE. I can have some of the the ones which you would of called OBES which actually dont have much conscious awareness to them. I havent personally found you can distinguish things things apart by how conscious one is during one of them. One can have a very very vivid LD with full waking consciousness in it (I often have had full waking consciousness in my LDs) but on the other hand have one considered to be an OBE...but be walking about, dazed, half asleep still and not thinking well at all. Its actually common for people esp new ones to it, to experience an OBE without their consciousness being there well or not having good control.

Do u believe we are spirits? If you do believe that what of the spirits (those deceased humans or other kinds which have lost physical bodies). Are they only dreaming??? If they are only dreaming and not OBE.. how can they consciously show themselves to us so we can take photos? (I have taken some photos of these by asking them to pose for the camera and they do just that.. are they dreaming too?? How then do they get on my photos when asked). Looking forward to hearing if you can think up another explaination which makes sense.
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