Object Moving - (real life experience)

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Object Moving - (real life experience)

Postby Crow648 » 19 Dec 2016 00:42

I have been lucid dreaming for about a year but something came up that I thought I could achieve and I have, what if I can influence the physical realm with my energy? Considering the possibility from stories about Buddhist Monks I thought I should try, It took me a couple of days strait trying out every technique possible but I have finally accomplished it (by spinning my PSI wheel). However, I found that I cannot control my energy, It just spins whenever it wants to. Could anybody supply me with tips on controlling my energy? Besides the average meditation you usually hear about. If anybody could, that would be great! Also, I have taken precautions and steps to make sure nothing else disturbed the object, I put the whole setup in a glass dome so no air currents could possibly move it, and put it in a secure place so nothing can shake it, I also bring it to room temperature to make sure heat does not affect it. I would also love to hear feedback from non-believers, an idea or message would be great.
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Re: Object Moving - (real life experience)

Postby dizzyuluru » 25 Dec 2016 05:51

No offense, but we don't have the ability to move things with our mind. What happened to you was most likely a gust of air coming from another object moving or some other logical explanation. This would be why you can't control it. If you 100% believe it, then best of luck to you! If not, then, still best of luck! :mrgreen:
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Re: Object Moving - (real life experience)

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 Jan 2017 11:12

Ive got no advice to give, I've tried hard to spin psi wheels but have no had any luck at all getting those to move.

My only experience when something moved due to me was during an astral projection attempt where I was trying to spy on my children who were in the kitchen while I was still in bed. Turned out the kids had left a chair out from the table and it had been in the very spot where I was astrally trying to project myself to standing. I didnt know the chair was there but it scared the shit out of my kids as that chair then went sliding across the floor causing my children to scare (as if I'd moved it out of the way). I seem to be very dense when Im astral so in a way this didnt surprise me that this happened.
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Re: Object Moving - (real life experience)

Postby nickbor » 18 Apr 2017 13:37

I hope this helps because there is a way to do this only not withouht the help of technology. I visited my brother in dallas and he took me to this museum with an interesting exibit. at the exibit there had been a machine produced which you could try to attach you're forhead to a device which could read the energy or brain waves emitting from you're brain. if you had a right mindset depending on which setting you chose you could move an object with youre mind. specifically in this case it was a ping pong ball. there were two settings to choose from one was a thinking philosophising mind setting, and another one was a non thinking mind setting. I asked my brother which type of mind setting to puth the machine two. he said non thinking. so I meditated the way you would be meditating if you were seeking the inner peace experience you hear about from buddhist monks. it starts out simple like not focusing on much at all except simply just being and quieting the mind. I had absolutely no problem doing this and the ball moved at every interval. I moved an object with my mind with the help of brain wave reading technology. I suppose I could have done math or something in my head with the thinking mindset setting and still moved the ball. this simple task felt very rewarding like genuinely having a super power but I try not to let it get to me since it was not possible without the machinery. as a game I suggest if you want to try this go to the museum of science in Dallas TX. i dont know if the exibit is still there but it would make a really cool simple game to teach mindfullness in a fun way that is interesting if you are someone interested in praying and mediting mindfully as a part of youre lifestyle, and you want to have a little fun at the same time.

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Re: Object Moving - (real life experience)

Postby Crow648 » 11 Aug 2017 06:22

Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys and I'll try to look into some of that technology you were talking about, thanks for the advise :)

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Re: Object Moving - (real life experience)

Postby lucidé » 26 Aug 2017 02:51

I believe things seem to be able to move by themselves, but what may be going on is the objects, is called paramagnetism. They behave somewhat like a magnet, but repel themselves.
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