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My OBE Experience

Posted: 30 Apr 2017 18:05
by Spikefan74
This happened to me when I was about 12 or 13. I was visiting my grandparents with my step-siblings. My younger step-sister Jenny, who was 7 at the time decided to hit me over the head with an etch-a-sketch one day and knocked me unconscious. I got up, yelled at her and went downstairs to the kitchen and met 2 guys I didn't recognize. I thought they were visiting my cousin since she always had friends over. They seemed friendly at first, then I realized they were dressed in white and I was out of my body. I heard a loud voice command me to get back in my body. I chose to ignore it (big mistake). These two spirits claimed they were angels, but something felt off about them. I went back to the stairs to go upstairs and was suddenly at the top. My body had been moved downstairs. I did have fun on the stairs, that part was a blast. I was trying to climb to the center of the stairs but no matter what I did, I was either at the top or bottom of the stairs. The two spirits got more and more aggressive and argumentative with me. They were unable to touch me, but one kept laughing and trying to stand where I was and block my view. I was getting more and more upset until suddenly I felt like I was transported somewhere else. It was pitch black, like I was inside a black hole. I prayed for help and heard a voice command "Let her go." I was released and one of the spirits backed away from me laughing. Then a third person appeared. He looked and felt different than the other two. He had black hair and looked exhausted. He was trying to talk to them but they couldn't see him. He didn't seem to get through to anyone and left. I'm not sure if this was just a helpful spirit or angel, but i felt abandoned when he left. I went downstairs to where my body had been moved and one of the spirits started shouting angrily and cursing trying to upset me. When I was about to get in my body he appeared again, pretending to be my brother who had died. I don't know if this guy was stupid or what, but he kept trying to deceive me the entire time I was out of my body. I got back in and was out about 5 minutes they said. They were ready to call an ambulance, but i'm glad they didn't.

Now I'm not saying don't have an OBE, but please be careful for those trying to accomplish this. Keep in mind the following:

1) Just like all people aren't trustworthy, not all spirits are trustworthy either. Be careful if you meet someone on the spirit plane.
2) If you hear a voice telling you to get back in your body, please do so immediately for safety reasons.
3) Spirits can hide from each other on the spirit plane. This surprised me.

Re: My OBE Experience

Posted: 30 Apr 2017 22:51
by lucidé
I've had lucid dreams before when I've been considered unconscious as well, so no you are not alone in this. You probably just had a bit more a nightmarish experience with your dream. When I had for example, a WILD in the EEG lab, where the specialist said I was unconscious during the time, I was lucid dreaming about looking around the lab, then wandering into the waiting room, and I ended up using "dream spying" to look at the back cover of a magazine and the person behind the desk.
Since your religion probably believes in demons or whatever, you were probably having a semi-nightmare of demons attacking you because of this.

1) Not all DCs are trustworthy? Many of the DCs I meet in that lucid dream are as kind as can be or just a little confused. As far as the ones you would call mean, they typically run at the sight of me, probably because from what I heard, they really hate lucid dreamers from Utah.
2) I don't hear any voices telling me to wake up from a lucid dream, I usually figure that one out on my own. Like during the EEG or the medical procedure, when the professional is about to do something important in my lucid dream, I am able to time exactly when I am supposed to wake myself up. It's not a big deal.
3) The DCs don't necessarily hide from each other as I have witnessed from my lucid dreams, as they just flat out ignore other characters. I wear a white robe, which means I like doing good deeds in these particular lucid dreams (in Utah stories, immortal or supernatural characters who wear white robes are almost always the benevolent characters, who intend to do good deeds for others.), and while the white robed characters like me tend to have a great deal of respect in my lucid dreams, there are some characters who don't like them, and they'll just completely ignore me and the others. Also the darker characters just avoid me all together.
4) I was just saying all this, because this was the way you are controlling your characters, and this is the way sometimes I decide to control the flying characters in my lucid dreams. Dream characters are robots you are commanding and controlling the way you want them to behave. In a non-lucid dream, it may be more difficult to command them, but in a lucid dream, you can actually decide how you want them to behave on your own.

Re: My OBE Experience

Posted: 01 May 2017 05:22
by Spikefan74
I wasn't lucid dreaming in any way. I was awake when I was knocked unconcious then jumped out of my body. There was no dreaming at all. Sheesh. And yes the spirits were very real.

Re: My OBE Experience

Posted: 01 May 2017 06:42
by lucidé
Spikefan74 wrote:I wasn't lucid dreaming in any way. I was awake when I was knocked unconcious then jumped out of my body. There was no dreaming at all. Sheesh. And yes the spirits were very real.

I've had experiences similar to yours, but I strongly believe I am in a lucid dream (yours wasn't a lucid dream, the difference is that I am aware). Like when I was in the medical center about to have a procedure done, they gassed me, and I felt myself losing consciousness. Then I regained consciousness and was starring at the ceiling again like I was before they gassed me. I could hear my breathing, but I wasn't the one breathing as I wasn't even breathing at all, and I was seeing beyond full spectrum, so I knew instantly, I had to be in a dream. I ended up having a really excellent lucid dream about watching everything that went on during the procedure, and I was even dream spying (I confirmation biased a live video). I never forget lucid dreams like that, they are amazing. There was even one situation where I passed out during a life threatening experience I had where I even stopped breathing, and I ended up in a lucid dream during that time. I was faced with the realization during that lucid dream I could really die.
While I don't believe you are lying, it just sounds similar to a few of the lucid dreams I have had in the past, that's all. Explain to me why you believe experiences like that are so much more different than a lucid dream/dream?
I would just be careful of this guy:

Sometimes I can only wish some of the DCs in my lucid dreams could end up being more than just being DCs.