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The Journey

Posted: 19 Aug 2017 00:52
by RealityShifter
Hello to Everyone. :mrgreen:
From long time I wanted to post this, but I could never muster my resolve.
This is only part of a series of events. When I translate the other part I will post it.

June 2011
It was an ordinary night and I was going to bed at my ordinary time 3am. Little before fall asleep I looked at the clock, it was 3.05am. Suddenly I opened my eyes in dark unknown place, before me appeared big black gate. It was made from strange metal and had weird drawings and Hieroglyphs all over it. The size of the gate was around 4 meters in width and 3 meters in height. All around me was dark and silently. All of sudden a voice like thunder said 'choose to go back and forget everything you saw until now( behind me appeared a dark lonely path that was leading to nothingness) or go forward and learn the truth'. I looked at the dark path and I thought that everything can over just like that, but truth was that I always wanted to know more about this world and beyond. I looked back at gate and put my hands on each side of the gate and push with all my might. The gate opened with metallic sound and from it a very bright light comes out. The feeling was awesome. I was floating in white warm light. For a moment I understand everything. I woke up in my bed and looked at the clock, only 5 minutes had passed.

With this my journey to unknown has begun.

Part II

July 2011
I was falling asleep around 3 am once more. In the moment I closed my eyes here, I opened them some where else. It happened in a flash. I was in dark room laying on a bed, immediately I stood up and started to think what just happened. I was somehow stressed from sudden change in environment and look around the room. It was normal room with two beds, wardrobe, coffee table and a TV. There was a big window with open blinds, outside had a powerful thunderstorm. There was a power blackout and I could see the room only from the flashes. Where hell I was, started to think that was just a dream and I pinched myself, but felt the pain. Then I checked the door, but it was locked. Suddenly felt like a tickle along my spine a bad sensation that something was coming. (it was like a six sense) I turned my head at the direction, closed my eyes and focus on the sensation. Now I felted it more clearly, something really evil was coming at amazing speed. At this moment I started to wonder how to return to my home and panicked. Tried a lot of ways to return without a result ( like blinking rapidly with my eyes, said on loud voice “i want to return” and etc). Started to feel really desperate, but suddenly a memory flashed through my mind of a dream 5 years from that moment.

Sometime around 2006
This dream was part of weird series of dreams about a voice that try to teach me some stuff.
The dream started with the same voice from previous dreams. The Voice said that he had something really important to show me. Before my eyes a room appeared with two beds and some furniture, and in the middle of the room a girl on my age. I wasn't able to move my body, I was only able to watch. I felt a presence of something behind me from where the voice was coming. The girl couldn't see us, we were just an observers. The girl was visibly upset and sad, because was constantly looking around and was frowning. The Voice said to me to watch carefully. In this moment the girl closed her eyes tight and puff the room changed. Now the room had double bed and two windows instead of two beds and triple window, and outside from morning had changed to dusk. She was still not happy with the result, so she repeated the action repeatedly and every time she did it, everything around her changed. Then his voice whispered "she lost the way to the home and now she can not find the right universe". The girl had given up and wept for the house she could never find again.
The next moment I woke up.

I closed my eyes and focused where I wanted to go 'to my room in my bed'. I heard something like whistling/clicking, and when I opened my eyes I was in my bed. I looked at the clock only 15 minutes had passed. I wondered what the heck was that.

Part III

around 2006
Around five years before the events, it had begun with that Voice.
I was in our apartment and I was looking out the window when a voice came out of nowhere and said, "Do you want me to show you something interesting?". Then all of a sudden everything began to change very quickly as a fast-paced movie. As if time was running very fast. Day and night were changing, seasons passed, rain fell and dried, snow grew and melted, blizzards and hurricane winds rumbled. Until everything suddenly stopped, an interesting view opened before me. Water reached the second floor, like a gigantic lake, but most importantly, the lake was frozen. As if the world's flood and glacial era had taken place together. I had the feeling that I was very ahead in the future, because the buildings around were beginning to fall apart and people were totally missing. I was in some kind of a space temporal bubble. Then the voice appeared again and said, "What you see is called space-time turbulence." (The voice sounded educational) I woke up the next moment.
It was a short dream about an important message. I was at the window in my room, the view was different from the real world. My attention was to the house on the far right. It was a day and the sun was in front of me just above the house. Suddenly the house moved from right to left, and the sun went down as the moon showed up. Then the same voice from the previous dream spoke "One Era Will End .....". Then I woke up.

3)Six months after the previous one.
It was a direct sequel to the previous dream. The same view from the window to the same house. The house stood on the left side of the yard, and the moon shone upon it. At that moment the house began to move to the right side of the yard, and the moon hid and the sun began to rise. Again, the same voice spoke "New Era Will Begin!". Then I woke up.

4)The one I already told.

When I was eight years old. I had a dream, I couldn't forgot.....
0)The Day of the Black Sun
I was on the main street leading to the city center. I was looking around there was no living soul. The city was empty, and no sounds were heard, even from birds and animals. I went forward with a slow pace as I looked. There was something odd, I knew it had to be a day, but it was night. There was a sun in the sky, but it was black and radiated a dark red light. (I did not know what that was at the time, but after years I realized that this was called a full solar eclipse.) I saw someone in the distance, so I turned left and went up the sidewalk to ask what was going on. As I approached, I noticed that they were wearing black mantle with a hood on their heads, like some pilgrims. There were strange signs like hieroglyphs on them. I was just going to talk to them when I noticed that there was only darkness instead of a face. Thankfully, they did not seem to see me because they just went ahead. In any case, I went across the street as I went to City Hall. Then I felt something like a grim presence. Suddenly a door appeared a dozen meters in front of me. A bright red light came out of the door, which seemed to pull me to her. There was a sinister feeling from the place, something bad stood on the other side. Then I wake up.

The Evil will come soon...

Re: The Journey

Posted: 19 Aug 2017 14:42
by 24/7/365
to many words, no funny parts

Re: The Journey

Posted: 19 Aug 2017 18:04
by HunterClash
sound awesome! its a bit tl:dr, but its still cool

Re: The Journey

Posted: 20 Aug 2017 00:05
by RealityShifter
24/7/365 wrote:to many words, no funny parts

If it's too long for you then you do not need to read it, anyway I do not expect you to figure something out. :roll: This is not your average LD, but a high level OBE.

Re: The Journey

Posted: 21 Aug 2017 06:33
by lucidé
So these are non-lucid dreams I take it?

I often have very unusual lucid dreams myself if I let them flow instead of control them. Sometimes I find if I let them roll rather than control them, they are slightly more fun.

Re: The Journey

Posted: 22 Aug 2017 16:13
by 24/7/365
high level obe, oh! my bad, sorry, I didn't know it was a high level obe.

Re: The Journey

Posted: 22 Aug 2017 16:39
by RealityShifter
24/7/365 wrote:high level obe, oh! my bad, sorry, I didn't know it was a high level obe.

The apology is accepted. ;)

Re: The Journey

Posted: 22 Aug 2017 16:44
by 24/7/365
acceptance granted

Re: The Journey

Posted: 23 Aug 2017 02:38
by lucidé
I should probably tell you RealityShifter, 24/7 most likely believes that you are having a non-lucid dream. Most people don't believe you can actually turn into a ghost, and if Summerlander were on here, he'd probably be insulting you for believing you are turning into one. I have no problem with your views, although I will probably continue to believe at least for now they are non-lucid dreams, as unless you believe during the time you are dreaming, it is not a lucid dream.

As for my views, I am extremely phobic of turning into a ghost and hope I never have to have that happen to me. I will always be in denial of the existence of such because it's too frightening. Despite this, I have had some very unforgettable lucid dreams.

Re: The Journey

Posted: 23 Aug 2017 09:33
by RedKryptonite
Very interesting...I hope to see more posts.

Just a friendly tip though,please separate your stories into different posts,so it doesn't feel overwhelming (tl;dr) to read them,please. :)