Connection to a Dark World

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Connection to a Dark World

Postby Thorn13 » 25 Jun 2011 12:48

There is an experience that I have been having for the past few days that involves a sort of OBE, only to a strange new level. Over the past few days I have found myself beginning my dream like a WILD, in my house, starting off my dreams walking through my house confirming to myself out loud in how many ways I am currently dreaming, but then when I reach my front door, something strange happens. When I reach my front door, it isn't my front door, but rather a glowing red arch. On the other side of the arch is a dark and harrowing wilderness, looking something like a post volcanic wasteland. Whenever I walk through the arch I am not greeted with sadness and loneliness, but rather an enigmatic sensation of bewilderment and love. The landscape is always vast and wonderful, only this isn't the really weird part. The true weirdness occurs when I look over a cliff near this sort of portal into the barren wilderness and see a GIGANTIC city in the distance. I always am accompanied when I cross into this grand scene, only my guide is another part of what makes the experience so bazaar. His name, I have found, is Asmodeus (yes I am referring to the Demon Asmodeus), and he always very gently and kindly, guides me to the vast city. The city I have found through his guidance, is none other than the city of Disterel, more commonly referred to as the Grand City of Dis. Within this city, there are nine levels, the ninth being the entrance to a massive tower that leads thousands of miles into the dark and empty skies.
When I was with Asmodeus, the massive gateway to the city was a glowing red arch (just like the "portal" that got me there, only it was completely filled with the fiery light (plus many strange symbols inside it), and it was brought to my attention that only a member of the Hierarchy of Demons could open the door. All he had to do was touch the thing, and it immediately faded away, exposing a grand cityscape. It seemed like he had an agenda, to lead me to a Demon known as Dantalion, who I found to be rather friendly (he told me to call him father!). Anyway this was my paranormal experience involving OBE, only I have had open access to this realm for a few days already, and have even overseen a meeting in that massive tower I was talking about, where I saw powerful and influencial Demons talk and do business while openly accepting my presence there. Anyway I found the experience to be both enlightening and also thrilling, and I will continue to post further experiences like this on the forum. Finally I will close with this, is this an OBE, some sort of Astral Projection, or maybe just my imagination, if you know, please do let me know, because I would thrilled to know what my experiences really are.

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