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Re: Precog Dreams- Fact or Fiction ?

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 02:20
by mikeg313
Teraku wrote:I personally think precognitive dreams are just coincidence. Think about how many times something you dreamed about didn't come true. It's purely coincidence. I think people are trying too hard to see links that simply aren't there.

I understand your point of view and most things in life can be put to coincidence, its just that we see thing through a different lens even if others think it delusional, but thats how we are and will continue to be.

Re: Precog Dreams- Fact or Fiction ?

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 03:00
by mikeg313
Since joining this forum, it seems to me that there are now more people coming forward with their personal experiences with precog dreams. Even though there still might be a debate, for those who experience these dreams, it has become part of their lives and many are prone to helping those involved.

Recently I had a precog that my nephew got scammed in a bad business deal. From the dream, I remembered the other persons name. When a met up with me nephew, I warned him and mention the name to which her replied that he did want to start a business but was not sure who to deal with.

It is my conclusion that all those who precog you are not alone. Do what you do best. And most of all express yourself and help those who heed your warnings.

Good luck

Re: Precog Dreams- Fact or Fiction ?

Posted: 04 Nov 2013 05:44
by mikeg313
I had a nightmare last night. I was with my family somewhere new in a large terminal, maybe bus or airport, i dont know. There was a wedding going on, also a tournament, like Bowls, but they were using large glass balls like large marbles.Anyway a missile flew over so i grabbed my wife and ran to see. A large explosion could be seen in the distance. My son was still small, so i would say if anything would happen it would be in a year or less. Let see what plays out. Precog or not.

Re: Precog Dreams- Fact or Fiction ?

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 03:26
by Lakewolf
Summerlander wrote:Seven billion people on the planet, spending a great portion of their lives sleeping and their brains generating an even greater number of dreams. Many dreamers tag those coincidental dreams with great significance whilst overlooking the majority of the dreaming that doesn't fit with anything. Verdict: self-delusion by confirmation bias.

The amount of dreaming humankind does is sufficient to solicit instances of coincidence. If these never happened then something might strange could be said to be happening indeed.

Final verdict: fiction

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Even if it's an extremely detailed dream about an occurrence and the consequences that actually happens (consequences included) 35 years later????

Re: Precog Dreams- Fact or Fiction ?

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 04:10
by Lakewolf
mikeg313 wrote:
ESPer wrote:[
I do keep a dream journal, but don't have time to write anywhere near all my dreams down. The problem with having great dream recall is you could write a short story almost every day when you wake up. So now I compile only that which seems the most noteworthy, namely OBE's.


This is true. I write only the ones that stand out, and like i have said before, feels different.

Thanks for your input. Keep it up and let us know anything major as i will.

I will, too, but you've got to be really careful.

Put yourself in a government's place. There's a 'rogue' group of lucid dreaming precogs on a certain site with verifiable abilities.

What's the first thing they'd want to do, hmm?

Psychopathic governments are also paranoid, so that has to be taken into account too.

The safest thing to do would be to use a VPN, but not everyone can afford one.

BTW, again, it's sooo nice not to be alone anymore.

Re: Precog Dreams- Fact or Fiction ?

Posted: 16 Dec 2013 06:02
by Fran86
Hey everyone, I just registered on here now after doing much Google search, trying to find information as to what is taking place with me...

I have been stuck in a time loop for like 10 years now... I have been stuck in the year 2013... I keep repeating the same year over and over... I HATE IT, AND MY LIFE AS A RESULT! Everything is just repeating over and over... I have seen and done it ALL before... And I am Christian and a Targeted Individual. And I even remember signing up to this blog each time... It's so messed up!

God bless.

Re: Precog Dreams- Fact or Fiction ?

Posted: 16 Dec 2013 11:44
by Summerlander
Yes, Lakewolf. Even that. The scenario of such coincidence night be improbable but not impossible. Chance does not rule it out.

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