Paranormality by Prof Richard Wiseman

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Re: Paranormality by Prof Richard Wiseman

Postby SuicideSilence » 26 Mar 2012 10:09

Rebecca wrote:
fineganswaker wrote:Did reading the book cause you to rethink any of your own conceptions and beliefs concerning OBEs?

When I first discovered the concept of OBEs (same time I discovered lucid dreaming as a teen) I genuinely thought it proved the existence of the soul, mainly because that's how it was presented by the out of body explorer Dr Robert Monroe who's first book in particular is nonetheless fascinating. I was even afraid to induce OBEs at first because I thought I would encounter ghosts and maybe even get trapped outside my body! In the end I dared to experiment with it quite often although my focus was always on lucid dreaming, and I soon found the two kinda go hand-in-hand anyway.

But as for leaving the body... I was never too sure either way what was happening, I have always wanted to believe in an afterlife and the idea of the spirit. But the more I compared my experiences and examined my own perception of reality, the more I realized it's FAR more likely that these are just interesting tricks of the brain.
fineganswaker wrote:Also, does Wiseman (interesting name!) address lucid dreaming as a topic anywhere in the book?

See, That's where you and a so many other 'Educated' people are wrong. Astral Projection is really the waking of our mind while our body is asleep. You may call it a soul but In scientific terms its called a consciences. Don't believe me? Read about the Unified Field Theory which has enough of proof for everyone that says matter came into into existence from a conscience! Most people have truly not had an Actual Astral projection, including you, You are just dreaming but not having an astral projection in reality. A real Astral Projection is really hard to control cause your conscience is constantly being dragged into your body, you conscience is not visible in the mirror and your body moves like a snake while the world is seen as if your eyes were on your feet.
I know your very knowledgeable and been lucid dreaming for a Way longer time than me. But you are most definitely wrong when you say Astral projections and OBEs are just tricks of the mind.

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