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Sound in dream blended into my waking life

Posted: 02 Nov 2011 23:30
by Arcadian
Hello all,
I've been enjoying the site for months, but just got around to becoming a member :)

I wanted to share a bizarre dream experience that happened to me over a year ago as well as get some feedback to what may have happened.

A quick background: during the months that this dream occurred I was currently in military training. I got 4-5 hours of sleep at most each night, with much of it being sporadic due to night duty shifts, etc. It caused me to have a very interesting dream life.

The Dream: I was sleeping in my normal bunk bed, however I noticed it was raining. I looked around me and instead of seeing my room, I was seeing trees. It was obvious that I was in a rain forest. This triggered me to realize I was dreaming. I was a novice lucid-dreamer at the time, so after becoming lucid I quickly woke up. It was raining outside. I thought "Ah okay, I heard the rain while I was sleeping and it transferred to my dream :). However, after 30 seconds, the rain suddenly stopped. I got up, and looked outside. There was no rain and the ground was completely dry. I instantly did a reality check to confirm it was not a false awakening despite knowing already I was awake. It was so fascinating that I could not go back to sleep for several hours as I pondered what happened.

So my theory: Although I woke up from my dream, somehow the sound of rain my mind was producing still continued for half a minute after coming back to my waking state. It's like my REM and visuals from the dream cut off, but the audio didn't. Has anyone experienced something similar to this?

There has only been one other similar instance of this happening to me. A few months prior (still in training) I had intense vibrations in my dream that caused me to wake up, yet I could still feel these intense vibrations in my waking state for at least a minute. I just sat stunned in fear wondering what they were. (It wasn't until months later that I became knowledgeable/comfortable with vibrations in relation to OBEs,etc.)

On a side note, 90% of my lucid dreams are OBEs, in that my dreams are my current sleeping environment. I'm using this iphone app called "dream controller". Notifications go off through the night that wake me up slightly, I then lay completely still and wait for sleep paralysis, along with vibrations, and then 50% of the time I'll entire my dream state. They can be so vivid I have to do reality checks to confirm my state or i'll see something odd or out of place in my room that tells me it's a dream :)

Thoughts are much appreciated!

Re: Sound in dream blended into my waking life

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 02:35
by Peter
I think you are correct that its a fragment of your dream state intruding into WR - for you sound may be the first, last sensation you "feel" and so you have a slight after effect


Re: Sound in dream blended into my waking life

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 22:20
by torakrubik
I usually find sounds from real life blend into my dreams rather than the other way round. But i don't see why it couldn't happen. It's probably just different senses switching from the dream state to reality at different speeds.

Re: Sound in dream blended into my waking life

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 09:45
by Snaggle
Arcadian what you experienced is pretty extreme; but not abnormal. when I'm in light sleep I've often heard my name called and thought it was someone really calling me. Every thing one hears while asleep pretty much becomes some sort of dream image. You experienced a waking dream/ hallucination that you correctly saw for what it was when fully awake. The more one messes with controlling the sleep process the more random misfires you'll have too.

PS are you really Cajun?

Re: Sound in dream blended into my waking life

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 18:14
by Arcadian
Your viewpoints make sense and help back my theory. Perhaps it wasn't so much "paranormal", but just an extreme misfire or overlap of senses due to the sporadic and unhealthy sleep cycle I had.

Snaggle: No, I am not Cajun, nor Arcadian. Arcadian was just an online nickname I acquired several years ago simply because I love the sound of the name when it's pronounced.

thanks for the feedback.

Re: Sound in dream blended into my waking life

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 02:27
by Summerlander
This has happened to me on a number of occasions. It is definitely not paranormal. All experience happens in the mind anyway (whether one is awake or sleeping) and it is quite possible for individuals to still perceive the portions of the "active imagination" as they go from the lucid dream state into wakefulness.

The phenomenon isn't always auditory. Apart from hearing dream sounds while awake, once can sometimes still get visuals (but not in the sense that you see dream objects or characters overlapping the waking world). This happens more in the sense that, for example, what you think is the face of a beautiful woman in the lucid dream turns out to be Pamela Anderson on your bedroom wall or something.

By the way, the rain sound could also have been a misrepresentation of the sizzling or hissing one can experience when waking up from a lucid dream.