Learning to fly

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Learning to fly

Postby sdao » 16 Aug 2012 07:08

So last night I had my third Lucid Dream and learnt how to FLY!!!!!

The dream began inside my kitchen with my friend and two others. I don't know whether they were the mafia and us police, but i do know we were on opposing faactions. After about five minutes of heated discussion we began fighting. I was holding my own and even beating the guy I was fighting, which i think was what bought on lucidity as I am not a good fighter and this guy was prretty big. I began rubbing my hands together between each punch, but i dont think it was needed, the dream was already stable. In the end I was the last one standing as my friend got knockedd out. I remembered that one way to create things in the dreamscape was to expect to see it when you turn around. So I went through what I wantedd to seee, but for some reason, this imagee of a terrifying clown came into my head, and the more i tried to not want it, the more sure i was that i would find it behind me. So i turn around and just see it's colorful clothes as it scurries to the side of a door and i knew that where ever i went it would follow me.

In my last dream I tried to fly but failed, but at the moment that was the only thing I could think of. I began to float up to my ceiling, then willed myself through it. I was now in the attic ( i thought it was cool that my mind remembered to create an attic) I kept on floating until I was out in the night air, watching the coast. My house and it's surrounding geograhy was exactly as it was in reality, so i bean rocketting towards the coast. I woke uo halfway into my flight but this was stil an awesome dream.

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