Always slipping into sleep Paralyse when realizing in dream!

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Always slipping into sleep Paralyse when realizing in dream!

Postby joegibson12 » 24 Aug 2012 16:08

Hey so earlier I was taking a nap and presumed I'd woken up completely normally and got out from bed, but then I started hearing a noise of something climbing the house...a dog. Strangely I didn't feel anything not normal about that and let it in through the window and left the room. As soon as I did I instantly though "I'm dreaming" and next thing I know, I'm back in bed, paralyzed, feeling something attacking me. This is the second time something like this has happened.
The first time a few months back it was night time, I'd sat up in bed and noticed the light was off and the door was slightly open but I sleep with a lamp on and the door closed. So I got up feeling a bit strange and confused and then instantly I turned around and thought "I'm in a dream" but I was really scared so next thing I know I'm back in bed, paralyzed and feeling like I'm being attacked.

So I'm wondering how can I not slip in sleep paralyses when I realize it's a dream/false awakening and just continue onwards in false awakening? I'm beginning to wonder it's an automatic thing where I think "I'm dreaming, oh wait that means this is going to happen" and then I'm back into sleep paralyses. As for other weird stuff, I've been having them all my life. I moved room at one point because I physically couldn't sleep from fear of something happening. I'd usually have the feeling of falling out of bed, or the sound of something sinister coming through the doorway to then run off, or something banging on the window. I don't know if my mind is wired to thinking these dreams are bad and I just cant tell myself quick enough that I can make the dream how I like before I wake up again. Any ideas?

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Re: Always slipping into sleep Paralyse when realizing in dr

Postby blazing » 24 Aug 2012 17:48

It's post to happen

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