Proof of two identities and/or higher self.

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Re: Proof of two identities and/or higher self.

Postby Peter » 02 Jul 2011 06:57

Thanks Rebecca, I will Google this topic and DMT and see what I can discover. The Mandela's if and when they appear are dynamic. The may start as a point of light or as a rift in a wall or in one LD a lady was showing me how to fill my senses from a flower and in smelling and focusing of the flower it became a very detailed Mandela and started to take me in. The feeling is like an OBE where you feel separation or that your energy is leaving your body. I am keen to give into this energy if and when it appears again.

As for OBE i am open minded and at this stage feel it more of an entry into a LD but nothing is constant and so I don’t really know. All I have is my opinion and experience

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Re: Proof of two identities and/or higher self.

Postby aamorim » 04 Jul 2011 04:22

Cool thread!
I come from Andre's perspective and I think it's fascinating the philosophical debate over WHERE the mind actually resides; whether it's a literal soul or a by-product of self-awareness, an illusory concept.

Well Rebecca but part of me still dualist :? :lol:

Anyway I would like to suggest take a look this lecture
Introduction to Psychology, with Paul Bloom.

Foundations: This Is Your Brain

All the best
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