HEY!!! :D

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umar al-husayni
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HEY!!! :D

Postby umar al-husayni » 03 Jul 2011 21:12

hey.. i'm Umar, m, 23, from singapore..

i've actually been able to partially control my dreams since like 3 years back.. n i didn't know that there's actually a term, research, articles for it, only until i stumble upon a website of it today.. i thought i was alone, as I couldn't find anyone to talk n understand about my wonderful experiences.. did more reading about it n i was ecstatic...

as for now, the only unrealistic thing i'm able to do is flight control and some naughty stuffs.. haha.. was really surprised to learn that more could be achieve in this state.. would love if could take it to next level...

i really do hope to learn more from u guys n share the experiences as well.. totally felt like i just found my family here.. loves...

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Re: HEY!!! :D

Postby Jonathan » 06 Jul 2011 03:48

Welcome Umar! Definitely follow the advice on the web site, and ask/share stuff here on the forum. It'll help you along! :D

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