Vision problems when lucid dreaming...

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Vision problems when lucid dreaming...

Postby mandrake » 29 Aug 2012 17:58

I have had lucid dreams naturally since I was a teenager, not a lot of them, but quite a few over the years. Lately I decided to try galantamine and choline together to see if they could help more. They do work, as a matter of fact, however I have noticed that almost everytime I take them, my experiences are a little bit frustrating...Let me explain....

I usually start getting the vibrations around 30 minutes after I take the pill and that is my signal to know that I can basically try to 'separate' from my physical body and get off the bed in this other 'plane'. I have no problems in doing so, the problem is that it is extremely hard to see when I start walking around! I usually get an image (usually the last thing I see before entering sleeping, like the ceiling, pillow or my arm) stuck in front of my field of view and it moves with me as I walk or move my eyes around to see my surroundings. This imprinted image blocks my vision making this lucid/oobe experience extremely frustrating. Sometimes, the environment is also too dark or it feels that I can't keep my (astral?) eyes open to see clearly. I have tried different techniques like spinning or mantras and sometimes they help but most of the time they do nothing.

Anyone having or heard about something like this? I hope you can help me overcome this frustrating obstacle to fully enjoy my lucid dreams!

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